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No mayonnaise potato salad

Please, everyone Thanks for all your responses, but most of you have mayonnaise in your recipes

The potato salad I am thinking of was thin sliced, obviously had vinegar and a ? little sugar, and was sprinkled with a very small amount of parsley. There wasn't any egg, or other additives, or spices that I remember. I am quite sure that there was NO mayonnaise. It's possible that there was pickle brine, but certainly not sweet pickles.

Anyone who is younger than 75 need not answer!!!!

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  1. I have a couple of recipes that sound very similar, but since I do not fit your age requirement ........

    1. You do realize that we have no idea what your request was and what the responses were, right? If you had added to your original request, we might have a clue. Frankly, anyone who is younger than 75 might actually be able to answer you, but you've dismissed them outright. Do you actually want some help or are you going to be rude before you even ask?

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        Sorry if I offended you. The original request was for a recipe for the ubiquitous potato salad in NYC and Long Island delis in the 40's and 50's. The reason I asked for people older than 75 is that no one else seems to remember the thin sliced potato salad, wit NO mayonnaise, just a sprinkling of parsley, and obvious vinegar
        I assumed that you all would know about my original request, but I see that I did not reference that.
        Please see that original post for NY deli potato salad under my name

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            Ah, I should have read back 5 years ago. Sorry, msmouser.

        1. This German Potato Salad recipe from my Dad, who would have been 91 this year might be a starting point for your dressing, using oil in place of the bacon fat. Sounds like you'd also omit eggs from the layered salad.
          Dad’s Hot German Potato Salad

          2 lbs potatoes
          ½ lb bacon
          ½ cup minced onion (finely chopped raw, will be cooked in dressing)
          scant 1/3 cup vinegar or pickle juice
          1 ½ teaspoon flour
          1 Tablespoon sugar
          3 ½ teaspoon salt
          ¼ teaspoon pepper
          ¼ cup minced onion (finely chopped raw, leave raw)
          2 Tablespoon green pepper
          1 Tablespoon dried parsley
          1 teaspoon celery seeds

          4 hardboiled eggs, sliced into rounds

          Peel potatoes and cook until just tender. Slice into rounds.

          Cook bacon, and reserve 2 tablespoons bacon fat

          Make dressing: In 2 tablespoons bacon fat, saute ½ cup onions. In a small bowl, mix flour, sugar, salt, pepper, vinegar and water then stir mixture into onions. Cook over low heat, to thicken slightly while stirring, until dressing looks clear.

          Add sliced potatoes, ¼ raw onions, green pepper, parsley and celery seeds to dressing.

          Layer in serving bowl – potatoes, bacon, eggs. Most often served while dressing and potatoes are still warm.

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          1. re: MidwesternerTT

            Oh whoops, looks like someone else already identified it as German potato salad before I did. Should have read first. My bad.

          2. Ms. Mouser, I'm substantially younger than 75, and I don't have a recipe of my own for you, but what you're looking for sounds an awful lot like German potato salad...for example...



            Do those sound about what you're looking for? Not a speck of mayonnaise in sight....

            1. Why did you start a second thread for this topic? You are now getting the same suggestions (which you already rejected) as you did for the original 2007 thread.

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              1. re: greygarious

                I was trying to get a recipe that had NO extras, NO mayonnaise, just potaoes, seasoning, Oil and vinegar, I think, and not much else. I guess no one really understands that, and I can't find anyone who seems to recall that type of potato salad, I just keep hoping!!!

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                  Ms. Mouser, it sounds like what you want is German potato salad, did you see the two links above? You could always remove extras like sliced egg, etc.

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                    How about just *making* a potato salad with oil, vinegar, salt & sugar. Sounds like that is what you are looking for. It's not rocket surgery, ya know '-)

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                      I'm not 75 either, but as linguafood said, you've got your ingredients figured out already anyway, so what do you need a recipe for?
                      Just make it and adjust the proportions till it tastes right to you.
                      Odd that you would assume we all know what you were talking about five years ago, msmouser. Everyone's happy to help, but the participants here on Chowhound have had quite a turnover in five years.

                    2. re: msmouser

                      Have you tried ANY of the no-mayo recipes that have been provided? It it's been 50 years since you last had it, I am sure your memory has faded and your tastes have changed.

                  2. Lydia B has a great recipe for potato/peppers salad, no mayo.
                    not quite a german salad...better


                    1. Here is the only "recipe" without mayonnaise that I have been able to find (think it came from Chowhound). Hope it helps.

                      My grandmother brought her potato salad recipe from Austria- she was a longtime vegetarian so I suspect she just left out the bacon in traditional German potato salad. Very simple, though I don't have the exact proportions. She used white potatoes, boiled, peeled and sliced thin, then dressed with oil, tossed to coat, and left to stand overnight in the fridge. (She claimed this was the secret, allowing the potatoes to absorb the oil.) The next day she added vinegar, finely minced onion, parsley, salt and pepper.

                      I started the search for such a potato salad because the only potato salad one of my granddaughters liked was one she had on Long Island and she stated it had no mayonnaise in it. She took a picture of it. In the picture a few shreds of carrot and a bit of parsley was on top. During my search, I found that many Long Island delis finish the potato salad with a bit of carrot and parsley sprinkled on top right before serving.

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                      1. re: Wtg2Retire

                        That's so interesting. I'm not a huge potato salad fan, but the last one I made was according to a recipe where you toss the still hot potatoes with *vinegar* first and let them absorb that, then add the other ingredients.

                        I think many German potato salads also include a bit of broth.

                        1. re: Wtg2Retire

                          That recipe sounds yum to me!
                          Not of fan of heavy mayo salads at all.

                          I would add some hot mustard though. Love the heat and the taste. Oh and some celery for "crunch".

                          Sorry I am under 75 years of age so I will bow out now....

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                            I confess - I cheated, because I am not 75 either.

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                              Well, if you like jalapenos, what you want is Texas style potato salad ;D

                          2. ya- I am staying out this one too... not being old enough to play. sorry.

                            1. Not a recipe but a product: Read's German Potato Salad


                              This sounds like what you're describing. It was $1 cheap during my poor days and it's not much more now. I usually find it in stores near the canned sauerkraut.

                              1. My parents used to make a simple potato salad using olive oil, vinegar, fresh oregano, fresh parsley, s&p. Have to make it when the potatoes are still warm to absorb the flavors.