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Jul 12, 2013 05:21 PM

Flying in from New York, first time, need first night lunch and dinner recs

Hi, am flying in to Seattle in 2 weeks, plane lands around 1:00, get the bags, get the car, and am starving and exhausted. Hotel in Belltown near Outdoor Sculpture Park ( some Hilton offshoot). Need a good lunch recommendation between airport and hotel, preferably seafood-ish, something easy to find, easy to park, and good. Also looking for seafood for dinner, someplace that will take a reservation not too far from hotel. Have been reading boards and "best" lists like crazy, and making plans for the rest of the week, but could really use some specific advice for this first day. Thanks very much.

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  1. A brisk and pleasant walk up Western brings you to Etta's, Steelhead Diner and near enough to all of Belltown and downtown.

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      you can walk on 1st which is slightly less sketchy after dark than western.

    2. I love Blueacre for seafood.

      1. Try Boat Street Café/Kitchen. Close and good.

        1. great, any ideas for lunch in between hotel and airport?

          1. check out list, on 1st in belltown. food is 50% off for happy hour (4:00-6:30, and 9:00pm-12:00am; all day sunday/monday), and it is AMAZING. the only thing i would say don't order is the tuna. otherwise, hard to go wrong.

            also in belltown are green leaf (yummy, cheap vietnamese) and red papaya (yummy, cheap vietnamese/fusion).

            if you're not budget conscious, and if you like sushi, check out shiro's on 2nd. best sushi i've had outside of japan.