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Jul 12, 2013 03:56 PM

Highway 1 places to eat

We will be travelling along highway 1 Can anyone recommend places to eat (2 adults 2 children age 14 and 17)
preferred food American Mexican ,Italian ,Chinese

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    1. re: wally

      A huge thank you for you post We will be staying
      West Pico Boulevard Santa Monica one night
      Pismo beech one night
      Monteray one night all room only
      We need ideas for breakfast lunch and dinner
      Names of good bakeries would also be useful
      The style of food we enjoy is American ,Italian and Mexican

      price range up to mid range

      regards Pluto

    2. In Santa Barbara, there is, of course, LA SUPER RICA, a fabulous taco stand on Milpas that usually has long lines. It was a favorite of Julia Childs. When the lines are too long for me, I walk a block down the street to LOS AGAVES, which also has terrific Mexican food.

      In Santa Ynez Valley (Buellton, Solvang, Los Olivos), PANINOS has excellent sandwiches. They have several locations, including Solvang and Los Olivos. If you are in that area at dinner time, I highly recommend THE HITCHING POST for great steaks. It's casual, but usually you need reservations since they have gotten crazy busy ever since the movie Sideways came out.

      In Pismo Beach, I recently had a great burger at MARISOL, the restaurant at The Cliffs Resort.

      In Big Sur, you must stop at NEPENTHE. The views are incredible, the food is just okay. Usually I stop there in the afternoon for french fries (which are really good) and sit at their outdoor bench/table taking in the view. If you want something more substantial, their burgers are okay, and their tuna salad is, for me, unedible--way too much mayo. At night, the food is much better. I had a wonderful steak with a red wine sauce.

      Also in Big Sur is DEETJEN'S, which has no view but has a great ambiance and terrific food, especially breakfast. It might not be the place to take the kids for dinner, though, as it's more of a romantic place at night. I've never been, but BIG SUR BAKERY AND RESTAURANT is supposed to be great.