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Jul 12, 2013 03:53 PM

Family of 4 places to eat San Diago

We will be visiting San Diego for 3 days in late July Can anyone recommend places to eat (2 adults 2 children age 14 and 17)
preferred food American Mexican ,Italian ,Chinese

regards PLuto

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  1. Where are you staying and will you have a car

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    1. I think we need a link with drop-down menus for: where you're staying, what kind of food you're looking for, the nature of the dining occasion, and your bankroll size. Plus maybe another list with checkboxes to select your favorite CH blogger(s). Then, when you click on "submit", voila, up comes an instant list of restaurants! (Actually, this was supposed to be a response to foodiechick's comment, "Auto-reply".)

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        A huge thank you for you post We will be staying at Hotel: Hilton San Diego Resort for three days room only ad need ideas for breakfast lunch and dinner
        Names of good bakeries would also be useful
        The style of food we enjoy is American ,Italian and Mexican

        price range up to mid range

      2. Doesn't matter where you're are staying or whether you have a car, cross off Chinese.

        And, if you don't have a car, get one. One should not be visiting SD without a car. SD is not Manhattan, SF or even DC when it comes to public transit, and inter (or intra) neighborhood walkability.

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          It's very sad, but you're right, ipse...on both points.

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            I don't think there's anything sad about it.

            Every city is unique and has its own quirks and idiosyncratic characteristics. SD has the beach, NYC has the subway, SF has the fog, and DC ... well, DC has a bunch of politicos!

            Plus, no city is stellar in every cuisine, and it is not possible for every city to be walkable, or navigated via public transportation. Think LA, DFW, or Phoenix.

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              Yeah, I guess you're right. I'll wipe the tears and pour another glass of wine...

        2. You have to hit up a Marisco's Truck for Baja style fish tacos, I'd recommend the Marisco's El Pescador truck off the 5 south in the Toys R Us parking lot. Then walk across the parking lot for a spicey pork Torta and that truck.

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          1. Assuming you have a vehicle, I would suggest Tacos El Panson, El Borrego, and Super Cocina for Mexican food. All three are located in City Heights.

            Tacos El Panson- 4433 El Cajon Boulevard. Good quality, standard Mexican fare. They make corn tortillas to order.

            El Borrego- 4280 El Cajon Boulevard. Wonderful barbacoa. They make their agua frescas, sauces, and marinades from scratch.

            Super Cocina- 3627 University Avenue. This is the kind of food you would get in a Mexican household if you were visiting for supper.