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One lunch [San Francisco]

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I'm looking for suggestions for lunch (for 1) between the Ferry Building and Caltrain station. I'm thinking about the Slanted Door because I've never been, but current customer reviews seem disappointing. A view would be nice but not necessary. Thanks you for you suggestions.

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  1. Which day of the week?

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        Coqueta is by the ferry building - so not on the way. But it has great early reports and is open for lunch Thursdays.

        Waterbar has a great view food is OK and is open for lunch Thursdays.

    2. Barbacco.

      1. one market

        1. Thanks for the suggestions. What about Boulevard/ It's been on my list for years.

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            boulevard is pretty good -- if it has been on your list for years by all means go.

            for me it is a little bit too much "steakhouse that isn't as good as a real steakhouse", and some of the flavors of the sauces and sides are a little off for me. but it is certainly a nice enough place.

            i prefer one market, though -- especially for dining solo since it has a nice chef's counter where you can watch the kitchen work.