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Jul 12, 2013 02:49 PM

Restaurant Week, theater district - is there no hope?

I am excited and aghast that restaurant week is coinciding with a business trip to Manhattan. Excited - a chance to try some new places. Aghast - will all the places be packed and serving sub-par menus?

I arrive with a day to spare before my commitments - a Wednesday. I should be able to dump my bags by 10:30 am. Do you think I will have time to run to the theater of my choice and pick up tickets for a matinee, get to a theater district, midtown west or east restaurant, and make the show? I'm comfortable with taxi's the subway and walking

What are the chances I can get in w/out a reservation? I will be solo and have no problems eating at the bar. What about Ruth's Chris Steak?

Finally - what places to recommend? I'm up for anything but I get a fill of Asian at home.

It all feels so overwhelming I'm almost thinking of forgetting the whole restaurant thing and just eating some good street meat and concentrating on getting to shows...

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  1. 1. Where is your hotel?

    2. What show do you want to see? Are you avoiding purchasing tickets beforehand for some reason? Are you going to TKTS?

    Where is the theatre? The easiest thing to do is to find a good place close by and arrive shortly after opening if you don't have a reservation.

    3. Can we assume a standard 2pm matinee start time?

    4. When is your trip?

    There will be restaurants in the area not participating in RW, like Danji (modern Korean tapas), Ma Peche (part of the Momofuku group), Bar Room at the Modern (Alsatian inspired small plates), Don Antonio (pizza).

    Not sure why you'd want to visit Ruth's Chris (a chain that exists outside NYC) when in NYC. Why not Keens, Quality Meats, Strip House, etc?

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    1. re: kathryn

      Hi Kathryn -

      1,my hotel is at 39th and 8th.

      2. Purchasing tickets in advance - well sticker shock for one thing, and I always get nervous making a financial and time commitment on the day I fly in.

      TKTS - scary thought on a summer wednesday. In the past I've used Playbill club discounts at the box office - will try for Pippin, Newsies. Yeah I know, the biggest hits.

      3. I think standard 2 (altho pippin is 2:30)

      4. Last week of July into August - arriving July 31

      I know Ruth Chris' is a chain, but not in any place that I go to. I just liked the look of their RW menu.

      What's the thoughts about Gordon Ramsey Maze?

    2. Is it an option to do a RW dinner that night instead of a stressful and rushed lunch? That way you could eat where you most want to in the city.....