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Bake sale recommendations?

I found out yesterday that I was accepted into the nursing program at our local college (YAY ME!!!!!). Every year the student nurses association has a fund raiser bake sale and I am already making plans of what I plan to donate. I already know that I am going to make a Gâteau Mille Crêpes ( http://www.pbs.org/food/fresh-tastes/... ) which will be sold by the slice. I would like to know what my CH friends would suggest for unique items that I could make and donate.

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  1. Congrats!-
    I think little mini pies seem to sell well.

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      I was going to say hand pies -- good for travel or to consume immediately, sweet or savory.

    2. Congratulations on your acceptance!

      What about bags of homemade granola? It's baked.. and it's so easy to make several variations, including nut-free and gluten-free options if you use certified gluten free rolled oats. It's something different and usually sells very well.

      1. Personally, I always like finger foods that can be put into a small, cute bag and grazed upon while on the go. I realize that's not nearly as gourmet as the Crêpes, but it's nice to have a variety of options to appeal to all buyers!

        Things like:

        Flavored Chex mixes: Apple Cinnamon, Coconut Almond, Lemon, Cinnamon Churro, etc.

        Spiced or Candied nuts

        Flavored pretzels

        And while I have made a variety of similar myself in the past, the thing I am asked for EVERY time is Rice Krispie treats. I put an obscene amount of butter in mine, and I simply think no one else can bear to make them that way, but they all want to eat them. ;)

        Whatever you make, have fun!

        1. The Gateau looks great but how do you package those slices for a bake sale? Or is this an "eat in" kind of bake sale? And who are the clientele, other nursing students or will there be families/kids buying?

          You can never go wrong with cupcakes at a bake sale. Lemon tarts or lemon squares. Chocolate dipped pretzel rods decorated with nuts or crushed candies.

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            The bake sale will be at the college and is usually an eat-in type of thing. The buyers will be students and staff.

          2. Congratulations on your acceptance!

            The gâteau mille crêpes is a wonderful idea - it's not the kind of thing you usually see at bake sales so I'm sure you'll have a lot of takers :)

            This is a really popular discussion topic so I've linked to a bunch of other threads with tons of suggestions - hopefully somewhere among them you'll find the perfect idea for a second item. Regarding ohmyyum's suggestion to consider a gluten-free item, I'd only do it if you know how to prevent cross-contamination. It's a great idea in theory, but if you have gluten-filled flour flying around your kitchen a lot of the time there's a good chance some of those microscopic particles will end up in the finished "gluten-free" product no matter how carefully you prepare it.


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              I checked those threads to make sure I hadn't chimed in there already.
              The first two items I've taken to a bake sale were well rec'd and went quite fast. (Think sugar-weary palates):
              1. Stuffed portabella mushrooms - mostly a combination of sauteed onion, a lot of bread crumbs, melted butter, herbs (parsley/thyme) and garlic. They're good cold, very portable.
              2. Puff pastry squares, interiors docked with a fork, leaving a border. Filled with caramelized onion. The onion filling could be flavored with thyme, fresh cracked pepper, dry white wine or balsamic vinegar.
              3. Fruit and custard tarts/tartlets also tend to do well, again probably as they are a break from cookies, brownies, bars and muffins. Pear and almond custard or peaches and cream custard.
              Congratulations on your acceptance!

            2. What a great looking and sounding Gateau that is, but be careful with whipped cream. With no refrigeration that can be a problem. I do think it would be a great seller

              1. Congratulations on your acceptance to the nursing program. Your recipe sounds absolutely delicious but I have to wonder if it might be a bit too fancy for a typical Bake Sale. Homemade peanut butter cookies or Buttermilk pie (the whole pie for $10) goes over well here. One thing to keep in mind is that students might not have much extra money to spare.

                  1. I made some salted brown butter rice Krispy treats for a party I went to...I thought the kids would eat them up. I'm sure they would have loved them if the parents hadn't knocked those soccer boys over getting to them first. They were so delicious and a different twist on a classic treat.people kept saying "I can't believe these are rice Krispy treats.

                    1. It really depends on your crowd.

                      I live in a more rural area and more unusual items don't sell as well as rice crispie treats (lots of flavors, different cereals, etc), banana bread, chocolate chip cookies (or a small variety of recognizable flavors packaged together) and brownies.

                      Whole pies can do well too.

                      Just make sure they're packaged nicely and are recognizable to most people.

                      1. Congratulations!
                        The Junior League in my town, of which I am a reluctant and notveryinvolved member, had a bake sale a couple of weeks ago, and the hands-down fastest seller and most raved about item was a ribbon-tied, cellophane-wrapped cardboard cup of candied, peppered bacon strips. They were sweet and spicy, delicious, and sold out quickly at $3 for 5 oddish-sized pieces, like the slices had been cooked whole then roughly broken up into non-uniform shapes. I made myself a reminder to do this for our next soccer league sale.

                        1. A banana bread will be an absolute hit.

                          1. Congrats! That looks like a great crepe cake. What about casatiello? You can bake individual ones, or one big one that can be cut into pieces. It's savory so different from most bake sales items. I like Peter Reinhart's recipe but here's one for small individual ones.