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What's your favorite joint to grab a cocktail or mixology drink at ????

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Thanks. Price no object, whatever is your favorite.

But it has to be for cocktails, beer or wine may be on the menu, but need not apply for purposes of this question.

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  1. Wellesbourne
    Freddy Smalls
    Public School
    Bar Toscana

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    1. re: Juji

      Yes, I quite enjoyed the Wellsbourne and the prices were a bit more reasonable than its fellow mixology bars.

    2. the varnish.

      may not qualify in the "grab" sweepstakes, as you have to be there after 8 and hope there's a table.

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        I like the varnish, but I hate the opening time and seating policy.

        1. re: blimpbinge

          i'm not sure what the policy is. when the tables are full, they take your name and you come back later (and enjoy a damn fine drink at the cole's bar), .
          yes, it's annoying you can't stand at the bar. but, the drinks are sometimes so work intensive i don't know if they could keep up if there were bunch of thirsty people crowding the bar.
          and i like watching them work.

          1. re: linus

            yeah, that's right. i thought if you get there early when they first open that you can grab a seat at the bar.

            so far i have only sat at the bar at cole's pe buffet, rather than varnish inside the joint.

            thanks linus.

            1. re: linus

              yea it's the bar thing.

              I just thought that at bars, you can stand/sit at the bar and get a drink if you can't get a table. At the varnish, it's too small and you're not allowed to stand there. I usually get there at 745 and end up sitting right outside and wait for them to open.

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                I've sat at a booth. But I guess it was because I was with an attractive woman. And they made a swell The Last Word.

          2. Varnish, Edison, Seven Grand downtown. The bar at Drago Centro is cool too.
            In Pasadena, you can actually get pretty good cocktails at the bar at Green Street Restaurant for $12. If you want more of a scene, Magnolia on Lake.

            1. Chateau Marmont
              Invention (Los Angeles Athletic Club)
              Hotel Bel-Air

              ... and Nobu Malibu

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                I never knew Chateau Marmont would be great for drinks and you don't mean the separate Bar Marmont, right ?

                I've never heard of Invention before though.

              2. i like the tasting kitchen and bestia.

                  1. Tasting Kitchen
                    Freddy Smalls

                    1. I have a few different ones depending on the mood:

                      Wherever Matt Biancaniello is if you feel like an interesting cocktail while listening to him expound upon how interesting he believes himself to be.

                      Neat for divey feel but great cocktails, especially if Aaron is working.

                      1886 is my "local" place that's great if the weather is nice (outdoor seating), but the cocktails have gotten a little less interesting. Like an orphan that's been forgotten by the Tello/Demarest group.

                      Varnish if you feel like dealing with the whole speakeasy, dressing up a tiny bit thing.

                      1. LIke many of these. Also would suggest:
                        Roof on Wilshire (love the view, particularly @ sunset).
                        Bow & Truss in Noho (fun, lively, great patio and inside, striking-looking bar. Creative drinks).

                        1. Edison, Varnish, Library Bar, Rivera, Roger Room

                          1. I'm sure if I was still interested in drinking for some reason I'd end up at Chez Jay's for all of the reasons that make drinking alcohol seem like such a good idea at the time.

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                            1. re: Servorg

                              Chez is always a winner for all the right and wrong reasons.

                              1. re: Servorg

                                I'm always down for chez.

                                Anyone want to hit it up in the next week or so.

                              2. I'd like to cordially add Dan tanas to the list.

                                And for the added benefit one gets the privilege to order the Dabbey Coleman plus the potatoes beckermans to the proverbial mix.

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                                1. re: kevin

                                  Ladies and gents we have a convert!

                                  1. i'd give Paiche in the marina my vote.
                                    while i was having lunch at their bar today, their bartender described to me how they construct their cocktails and how they create each of their mixes.
                                    a tremendous amount of thought, labor, money, and care goes into their cocktails. for instance, they don't use the standard artificially colored maraschino cherries, their cherries were not bright red, they were deeply purple "homemade" cherries.
                                    for some cocktails they use freshly squeezed orange juice, and for others they use a homemade concentrate of orange juice.
                                    their margaritas at lunch were made with fresh lime juice squeezed this morning.

                                    you get the picture.

                                    that said, this is NOT the place to go for a "normal" 1960's cocktail (i.e. you can't get a martini, dirty with extra olives, there. for that, go to the galley).

                                    1. The Hungry Cat makes beautiful cocktails. Also love the cocktails at Bar Toscana. One can never go wrong with cocktails at a Suzanne Goin Restaurant. Great drinks at all: Tavern, AOC, Hungry Cat (although, technically not a Goin restaurant) and Lucques. Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne have brilliant bartenders (I refuse to call them "Mixologists'). Caroline Styne is a great sommelier. She knows her wine and she knows her audience.