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Jul 12, 2013 12:06 PM

What would you bring home from Vienna/Prague/Budapest as gifts??

Today is one year from our departure date for an 11-day musical tour in Vienna, Prague, and Budapest. I've been lurking on this board for a while and am compiling an impressive list of restaurants to try to hit in between rehearsals and performances.

One thing I love to do when travelling is shop for things to bring home. I have never traveled before in eastern Europe.

If you had an extra suitcase to fill, what would you bring home for friends and family?? And where would you shop??

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  1. budapest - wine! but do your research. Or an assortment of paprikas.

    1. First of all: you are NOT travelling in "Easter Europe"...
      Vienna, Prague and Budapest are considered to be in "Central Europe". Otherwise "Eastern Europe" would be twice as large as "Western Europe"...

      Back to the thread: depending on how much you can carry, the best things to bring back from Vienna are wine, chocolates (Demel and Altmann&Kühne), handicrafts and CDs of classical music.

      Here are some useful links:

      1. For Budapest, don't miss the Central Market Hall, where you can find all sorts of souvenir items. Some pics I took from my trip there 3 weeks ago:

        1. Thanks, all, for the suggestions! We will be coming to Central Europe :-) to sing Dvorak's Requiem, so Strumi, I like your suggestion of classical music CDs. Is there a preferred shop in Vienna?

          Paprikas are on my list, cmc2, thanks for the suggestion.

          klyeoh, that market looks wonderful. Just the kind of place I could get lost in for a morning.

          Any suggestions for Prague?

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            Gramola has a nice shop right on Graben:

            and there is a large EMI store on Kärntnerstrasse:

            And there are quite a few smaller CD stores all over town, also inside the state opera and in the Musikverein building.

          2. You won't find a market like Budapest's Central Market Hall in Prague, but in Vienna you can always visit the touristy Naschmarkt, more for people watching, eating, good wine bars but not so much for buying produce. While in the Budapest Central Market also watch for the dried mushrooms, they are still the best quality I've purchased in the region and I like to bring these home in addition to paprikas.

            Whether it's 100% legit according to various government customs departments or not, I used to always bring kolbasa home from Prague. The beer in CZ is also outstanding but not really practical or easy to bring home.

            For classical recordings in Prague I have always been impressed with Via Via Musica (Malostranské náměstí, Malá Strana, Prague).

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              There are some very good cheesemongers at the Naschmarkt in Vienna. When we were there earlier this year, we provisioned ourselves for a picnic lunch on the train (from Vienna to Prague) at the market -- much better food and no line than buying lunch on the train.

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                My SO reminded me of a Czech product that would be good to get as a gift - Kolonada spa wafers. They are available at all grocery stores and are quite good, a step above the Mammer waffer biscuits and a world beyond the N. American "neopolitan" waffer and icing sugur biscuits.