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Jul 12, 2013 12:02 PM

Best "Eating" street in Chicago?

Just got back from Chicago. I'm just throwing this one out there; What is the best "eating" street in Chicago? Long or short, winding or straight. Name changes(?) or not. Which road in Chicago has the best restaurants? Michigan Ave? Randolph? I'm throwing Clark St. out there. All kinds of restaurants, bars, wine bars diners, dives & carry-outs. Does any road eat as well as Clark?

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  1. Kind of hard to say as some streets in Chicago extend for several miles - so lots of good restaurants may be on a street, but scattered across vastly different neighborhoods.

    For lots of great restaurants on the same street within the same neighborhood I think Randolph in the West Loop is hard to beat (Grace, Blackbird, Embeya, Girl & the Goat, Little Goat, Oon, Au Cheval, Maude's Liquor Bar, Nellcote, Jaipur, Graham Elliot Bistro and a Rick Bayless venue coming soon).

    Nearby Fulton Market (also West Loop) has some powerhouses to with Next, Aviary/Office, Moto, iNG, Publican, PQM, La Sirena Clandestina, Glazed & Infused, and Carnivale all within a couple blocks.

    Halsted in Lincoln Park has a great 1-2-3 punch between Alinea, Boka and Balena with some other nice venues nearby as well such as Rustic House, Dawali, Vinci and Karyn's.

    While Clark may have the best variety of restaurants across the entire street, some of them are many miles away from one another. The stretch in River North/Near North Side with Naha, Topolobampo/Frontera/Xoco, Roka Akor, Piccolo Sogno Due etc. would be the best section of Clark, but I do not think that this section quite is up there with the other streets I mentioned.

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      While you put your quotes around "eating", the question could be re-phrased with quotes around "best". I read your earlier post, and know you had a great travel experience on a stretch of North Clark Street in the Andersonville neighborhood. I'm glad you found it. Many tourists don't wander that far north and it is their loss. Gonzo mentioned some stretches known for Michelin stars and national if not worldwide acclaim. Other areas not mentioned include concentrations of ethnic cuisine, including Wentworth and Archer Streets for Chinese food, Taylor Street for Italian eats plus a decent French bistro and a newly-opened BBQ joint by a formidable team, South Halsted for Greek fare (not "foodie" level but if one is Greek and coming to visit, there aren't many areas that can compete), Kedzie just south of Lawrence for Middle Eastern from different countries, including Lebanon and Iran, (and if we're going only by "street", Kedzie gets credit for Longman & Eagle and Yusho in Logan Square), and Devon Avenue for Indian, and Pakistani. One could also name routes along Milwaukee or Damen Avenues from approximately 1200 to 2200 North in the Wicker Park and Bucktown neighborhoods that would make for delicious dining, as well as Milwaukee Ave just a bit north of there in Logan Square. So it really comes down to what one means by "best". I tend not to compare/compete, and just enjoy the abundance of riches our city offers. I do, however, hope your post encourages others to explore more areas, restaurants and cuisines in Chicago.