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Addison, Market or 1540

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  • kriot Jul 12, 2013 11:38 AM
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Hi All,

Given those three choices which would you pick for a nice Birthday dinner for your spouse?

Or is there another spot I'm missing?

We've been to addison and market but never 1540 and since mccabe is no longer there i'm wondering if its even worth considering.


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  1. Georges
    AR Valentien at the Lodge Torrey Pines
    Veladora at the Rancho Valencia resort
    Stay at the Inn RSF have brunch at Mille Fleurs.

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    1. re: Beach Chick

      Big +1 on George’s CA Modern. Our 4 course dinner from the a la carte menu a month ago was spectacular in all aspects --- ingredients, preparation, creativity, service. The 8 course chef’s tasting and/or TBL3 are next for us.

    2. Haven't heard much about Market on here lately...is that good or bad?

      1. Addison! Though we have not been to 1540. No to Market.

        1. George's Modern or Veladora.

          1. George's

            1. If you are more interested in excellent food at reasonable prices, then I would highly recommend Bernardo's!
              My top San Diego favorite!

              1. I'm leaning towards George's Modern. I've been to George's but only the terrace. Is there a different menu for the CA Modern space?

                Veladora sounds really interesting as well but i dont want to think of the drive back downtown from out there after having some wine.

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                  "I'm leaning towards George's Modern. I've been to George's but only the terrace. Is there a different menu for the CA Modern space?"

                  Absolutely. The Terrace is essentially a bar menu.

                  1. re: RB Hound

                    Cool, I'm gonna go with GModern. The menu at 1500 Ocean looks decent but nothing on the menu really stands out.

                  2. re: kriot

                    The Georges Modern menu has hardly any overlap with terrace menu (which is in my opinion only OK). The terrace menu is there to bring in the money with rather simple dished which allows them to become really interesting and creative at Modern where they have many different options from a la carte to 4- and 8-course tasting menus.

                  3. Veladora

                    1. Well since you are downtown, you may also want to consider 1500 Ocean at the Hotel Del. And as Beach Chick always points out: take the ferry over (although I guess you would have to catch a cab from the ferry landing to the Del).

                      1. Georges or Sea and Smoke

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                          Wouldn't willingly throw anyone into the traffic hell known as Racetrack Season, even for Sea and Smoke.