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Jul 12, 2013 11:31 AM

Mina Cucina - Spring House - CLOSING

Just saw this posted on their Facebook page - very sad news - one of the great BYOB's in the area -

It is with a heavy heart that we are informing you that Mina Cucina will be serving its last meal on Saturday July 27th. Our lease is up August 1st and we chose not to renew. You will still be able to find most of your favorite menu items up the street from Mina Cucina at our retail store A Taste of Italy.. these menu items will also be available for catering as well. Mina's there also. As for me I will be joining Conshohocken's Brian Pieri's (Stone Rose) team in his new venture. Which I look forward to seeing you all there as well. Thank you all so much for the support over these past 4 years. It was an amazing experience!

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  1. I wonder what Brian Pieri's new venture is.

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    1. re: PattiCakes

      Maybe this - from Michael Klein last November -
      Andrew Totaro is ushering out an era in Conshohocken, as Totaro's - the landmark restaurant that grew out of his parents' blue-collar taproom on Hector Street - will close after New Year's Eve after more than 51 years. An orange liquor-transfer sign appeared in the window Friday, Nov. 9, and Totaro told his staff that Brian Pieri - who owns The StoneRose on Fayette Street in the borough - was the buyer. The deal had been in the works for a year. Totaro said the sale was precipitated partly by his business partner Dan Kreglo's planned move to Florida. "I was looking for partners and I got no takers," Totaro told me. Then he ran into Pieri. "He has so much enthusiasm, the likes of which I haven't seen [in the restaurant business] in years." Pieri told me that he's planning to convert the place into a Mediterranean/pizza kitchen serving smaller plates ("not courses") of cooked-from-scratch pasta and pizzas from an oven to be built by an Italian craftsman. Pieri, who does not yet have a name for the new restaurant, said he was debating whether to style the pizza as Neapolitan or Tuscan (he's visited Garfagnana). Much of the concept is reminiscent of Barbuzzo in Center City.

    2. I am definitely saddened by this news because I live close by and really enjoyed eating at Mina’s.

      Mina’s is a great neighborhood place where the food was always fresh and made with better than usual ingredients. The olive oil on the tables was the expensive stuff from Sicily, the soppressata in the antipasto was of the artisan type etc. It was ideal for a casual lunch with very good pizza and also for an excellent dinner of pasta or grilled fish etc. They have appetizers not available at other Italian restaurants. The asparagus wrapped in prociutto with a touch of fontina was really good.

      I will miss them.

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      1. re: Unkle Al

        And the best tagliatelle bolognese around. Homemade tagliatelle with an excellent sauce.

          1. re: JanR

            +2 on the tagliatelle bolognese! I am having difficulty coming up with another place in the area with a good bolognese.

          2. re: Unkle Al

            Dammit! This was our go-to neighborhood BYOB - quiet, friendly and solid. I know the topic is a regular one on the boards, but anyone have any recommendations for a comparable BYOB replacement in the Ambler/ Springhouse/ Ft Wash area? We like Zakes, but they never seem to be open when we want to go out, From the Boot isn't BYO and Massa has been hit or miss. It figures that as soon as we leave Conshohocken, the food scene starts to pick up.

            1. re: Patiod

              I really like Arpeggio (and it's not far from Mina Cucina--in the shopping center at the intersection of Bethlehem and Sumneytown Pikes). Excellent hummus, pizzas, salads and seafood. Well, they're my favorites on the menu, but I've never dined there with anyone who left disappointed.


              1. re: gaffk

                +1 on Arpeggio's for always good food and friendly service. I would love to see the same operation in a bit more interesting/upscale restaurant. Part of the charm for many is the very casual environment.

          3. Unfortunately, for Italian food BYO’s, there is no replacing Mina’s in the Springhouse / Ambler / Lansdale area. The other Italian restaurants in this area are either a little commercial (From the Boot) or not do not have the Italian “heart” that Mina has.

            I can highly recommend the following two Italian restaurants where the food is as good as Mina’s and which are authentic Italian (sadly, they are in Doylestown).


            Try the veal and beef meat ball appetizer, it is very, very good.

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            1. re: Unkle Al

              FWIW both of these restaurants are BYO (Il Melograno you can byo now.. )

              I think both of these restaurants are better than Mina's but unfortunately at a higher price point as well.

              1. re: Unkle Al

                We had lunch at Domani today. Delicious! And yes, we had the meatballs! We need to try Il Melograno very soon.

                1. re: crazyspice

                  Glad you enjoyed Domani. I have had issues there over the years and in general do not recommend it to folks. The exception is they have added a Saturday and Sunday brunch which I like a lot. I prefer either Il Melograno or Bacci if I want italian in the Doylestown area.

              2. Those of you who are still sobbing into your napkins about Mina Cucina closing (and I can't blame you), Brian Pieri's new place in Conshohocken is scheduled to open in early September under the name Bar Lucca. Brian's family is from the Lucca, Italy area, hence the name of his new place. As previously announced, Mina's daughter, Lisa Bompartito will be the chef at Bar Lucca. Brian had a brick oven built for the new place and will offer Italian specialty dishes, along with the brick oven pizza, as well as interesting wine selections. Stay tuned for official opening date. Bar Lucca has a Facebook page and already has over 1,000 likes, so obviously I am not the only one excited about his new venture.

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                1. re: curly girl

                  I'm looking forward to the opening. However, I don't believe Lisa will be the chef. Probably the GM.

                2. The chef from san marco is opening the mina cucina space in a couple weeks, will be called po le cucina and will be a byob venue. looking forward to trying this out, maybe a chowhound group dinner would be in order. i've always heard san marco rates amoung the best,, his food and byob sounds like a winner to me. for more info.

                  roger in montgomery twp.

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                  1. re: jures

                    That was fast! I drove by there yesterday and noticed the new signage was already up.