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Jul 12, 2013 11:18 AM

Where to find Bartenura (or other kosher) Gnocchi?

I'm looking for Bartenura Gnocchi on the Upper West Side in Manhattan. I know it is available online but only in cases of 12. I'm open to trying other brands of shelf stable gnocchi as well (not frozen, I have a teeny tiny freezer). Anyone know where to find it?

Note: I'm well aware that it is possible to make gnocchi at home, but when you need a quick weeknight meal it would be nice to have premade.

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  1. Key Food at 187th & Broadway sells Bartenura Gnocchi, in the kosher aisle. I'm sure there's somewhere closer to you, though.

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      Thanks Gila, I'm only in the heights once or twice a year, but that's good to know. Hopefully something closer...

    2. Kosher marketplace has sold them in the past but frankly, they were worth the $$$$ or the minimal effort involved in preparing them.