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Jul 12, 2013 09:43 AM

Need recs: GREAT bbq cocktails to serve in bulk?

We are having a big backyard BBQ at the end of the summer to celebrate multiple milestone birthdays. On the menu will be pork ribs, tri tip and fried chicken, along with grilled veggies, green salad, etc. The birthday boys are self-described cocktail conoisseurs.

We have procured 5 drink dispensers for this grand occasion. One will be water, the other fresh lemonade, and the other three we want to fill with excellent cocktails, not too sweet, refreshing and festive.

We have a garden full of fresh herbs and we make fancy simple syrups and bitters quite a bit, so we are comfortable with random ingredients (also, living in the Bay Area we seem to have access to virtually whatever craziness we can dream up). They just need to be good with the food, OK to make in large quantities, and good in these large dispensers (ie not made to order).

Preferred booze bases are vodka, bourbon, gin, rum. Any recommendations for GREAT cocktails that fit the bill?

Thanks wise CHers!

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  1. I've done Pimms Cup in a large quantity, cucumber and limes on the side - works out great.

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    1. re: jeanmarieok

      I'd vote for Pimms Cup, and you can float slices of cucumber and lime in the glass dispenser. No need to garnish unless your cocktail afficionados prefer it that way. Just some ice and you're good to go.

      Mint juleps are wonderful if it's warm!

      You can get pretty darned drunk on mint juleps, but either of these can be diluted with some sparkling water if you're concerned about friends driving home.

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        SPARKLING WATER!!!! The agony, the shame. :-)

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          The drinker's buffer to getting tipsy!

    2. Our "house lemonade" is mentioned here:

      Would be easy to do in bulk- maybe have the lemonade and spirits pre-mixed, then have folks add the bitters and squeeze in a wedge or two of fresh lemon. The lemonade could be homemade or store bought.

      1. Since you have access to good stuff in San Fran

        Mai Tai would probably be good in batch

        2 bottles Rhum Clement vsop

        2 bottles appleton v/x

        1 bottle senior curaco of cuaraco

        1 bottle small hand foods orgeat (750ml)

        someone will have to do the math on how much lime juice - i Think about 26oz would be about right but I like my Mai Tai a bit less limey, you could certain up that a bit

        and perhaps some simple syrup but i usually omit in favor of extra orgeat

        I have been debating on trying to do this for our next gathering - would love to hear how it turns out

        You would just need to add ice and a mint garnish

        1. the aperol gin punch from is excellent.

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          1. re: linus

            This sounds delicious!

            I'm worried about serving something that already has sparkling (wine, water, soda) mixed in, and I'd rather not have "accessories" on the side to add after dispensing. Any ideas for punches or mixed drinks that don't have this component?

            1. re: Maya

              i'm not sure what your worry is. if it's about the fizz going away, i made a double or triple batch and it was almost finished with no complaints.

          2. you could do a Greyhound pretty easily for a large crowd. Always tasty on a hot summer day and would cut through some of the fattiness of BBQ.