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Jul 12, 2013 09:30 AM

Stone's Cove KitBar in Owings Mills?

I'm a frequent visitor to the Northwest part of Balto. County and just noticed this restaurant listed on OpenTable. It's evidently new. Anyone been or know anything about it?

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  1. There's one in Herndon. I went a few times shortly after it opened. I generally went early evening and sat at the bar, and that was before people in the area knew about it.

    The flatbreads were good as I recall, though the sliders were not. Perhaps the biggest strength were some of the drinks and the friendly staff. I'm guessing that the last two points are largely pertinent to specific locations. I don't end up near the Herndon one much anymore, but did pass it recently and the parking lot was full - but that doesn't mean a whole lot in my book.

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      Thanks. So it's a chain, right?

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        So far it seems just to be the two stores (according to the site). It has a feel of something that wants to be a chain. This might get back to my point about the service at Herndon when I went (which was a few times over the course of a few weeks - let's say they got to know me). Great service all the way around.

        As they grow, who knows.

    2. I am in Owings Mills on business for the next couple of weeks. Had dinner at Stone's Cove last night. The food wasn't anything spectacular but was good. I started with the chili and ended with the shrimp and grits. Well rounded dishes, it's a fun concept with the Kitchen and Bar (Kitbar) in the same area.

      The service was great! It might have been because it was a slow Monday night, but hey to me service is just as important as food. Each of the waitstaff worked together and I was never lacking anything. They are a younger group, but with time I think this is a great concept that could go a long way on the "chain" side.

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        And the concept is that the chef is also the bartender?