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Jul 12, 2013 09:19 AM

Get a piggy from Brambly Farms

Just saw this on Facebook.

"Brambly Farms needs some help !!
We've been battling our Town for the last 20 months and we have lost. We must reduce our animal population by 80% by mid July. We have already moved about 60 animals to our other farm (Thank you Cormac) But we have filled the newly built sheds there and have no space (or time / funds to build more)
So we need to sell 21 beautiful pigs in the next week and are offering a 30% discount to any customer who thinks they can take an animal in July.

To our many great chef customers .... we have been having weekly town health inspections for about three months now ..... and are exhausted :)
We have paid fees, hired engineers & botanists ...... even changed our farming model. But its time to admit the town government has more time and an unending supply of funds ( our property taxes ) to battle with.

Call or email and we can have a pig delivered to your door or kitchen.

Thank you
Ted & Sandra
Brambly farms"

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    1. re: GretchenS

      Great - 30% off piggies.

      Not so great - with only 20% of the animals left on the farm, is it even a farm anymore?

      Not sure what's wrong with Norfolk, MA. Maybe the neighbors thought the farm was a nuisance? I really hope that they can stay in business.

      1. re: cutipie721

        You are right, I was focussing on the food, not the famers. I do hope they can stay in business....

        1. re: cutipie721

          I grew up down the street from where they are. While they would have peacefully existed then (~25 years ago), I suspect the town has grown up too much for a larger farm in that area (by that I mean gentrification as well as population)

          1. re: jgg13

            We live just a couple of miles away, and I too got a half pig from them a couple of years ago and can vouch for the quality of their meats. We've also gotten out Thanksgiving turkeys there a few times and again, best tasting ever if not the cheapest but worth every penny.

            I think I remember hearing that some of the close neighbors complained about the smell, and that grew into a showdown with the town, Norfolk is one of the most restrictive places in MA and that has it's pros and cons regarding growth and expansion. I've visited their farm multiple times and do not remember any foul smells, but everybody's nose is different.

        2. re: GretchenS

          Something about calling them 'beautiful' makes me feel bad and not want to buy/eat them. :(

          (as I munch on my probably-cruelly-treated ham sandwich)

        3. I previously purchased a half pig from them, and it was great pork. However, whomever they contracted did a pretty poor job of the butchering. I am asking around to see if I can find a good butcher to do the work this time. If I can, I will certainly be buying at least half a pig. I would really encourage others to do the same.

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          1. re: Gremolata

            Arena Farms in Hopkinton reportedly does a good job.

            1. re: trufflehound

              I'll second Arena Farms, even though it's not really a farm but a processing plant. I've taken chickens in past and they do a fairly good job while you wait. You can also get fresh rabbit, and their bacon is to die for.

              1. re: Ora Moose

                It's not only not really a farm, it's not actually called Arena Farms (that was the now-defunct farm/plant nursery in Concord.) It's A. Arena and Sons. I normally go with Blood Farm in Groton, but Arena looks like an excellent operation as well.

                1. re: Allstonian

                  That is correct. Used to bring the kids to Arena Farm for some of the best pumpkin photos ever.