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Jul 12, 2013 07:25 AM

sarreguemines - frog legs

Will be in Sareguemines for Saturday lunch and am trying to find a nice brasserie/restaurant for some frog legs...maybe those in cream sauce. Any recommendations?

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  1. This is probably a first on this board for corner of France that does not attract too many foreign tourist - so don't expect many replies.
    Le Cheval Blanc in Lembach, probably about half an hour away, is one of the great hotel-restaurants of France - I signed up for a cooking lesson there a few years ago and the whole experience was fantastic.
    I don't know Sarreguemines itself but the town is large enough to have a few good restaurants - maybe best enquire locally when you get there.

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      spent about 15 days in Lembach in December 2011, in a gite we rented, easy walking distance to Cheval Blanc (had visited 3 times previously too) and it is truly exceptional, they often have frog legs on the menu. Cheval Blanc had a change in ownership in 2007 i believe but nothing suffered even though Michelin inexplicably took a star when that happened. But, Lembach is a good bit more than a 30 minute drive to Sarregumines, even though the distance is not that great, lots of country roads. I drove from Lembach to Sarregumines to visit Franck Kestener's chocolate store.

      1. re: f2dat06

        Michelin will usually drop the star(s) if the owner or chef changes, then reevaluate and award based on the new regime.

        1. re: PhilD

          Bernard Loiseau being a notable exception i guess.

          1. re: f2dat06

            Notable but deserved; the same cannot be said of Thierry Marx, who practically entered the Mandarin Oriental with the two stars he had at Cordeillan-Bages, although the rule is that the stars are awarded to a place, not to a chef. I think that is the most notable exception since it is somewhat over the top.

    2. Maybe setting the bar a bit too high, but L'Arnsbourg (three stars) serves the best frog's legs I've ever eaten (aside from George Blanc's) and it is quite close to Sarreguemines.