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Jul 12, 2013 06:39 AM

Need BBQ req around OP, KS on a Sunday

I have friends that will be in Overland Park area on a Sunday. Several years since I have been in KC, so I am not up to date. I know OK Joe's is closed on Sunday.

Anywhere other/better than JackStack to recommend?


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  1. RJ's is not my favorite, but it is open on Sunday.

    Edited to add link:

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      Its a bit corporate but Jack's Stack on Metcalf is open on a Sunday. They have lamb ribs which is a bit different. Decent sides.

    2. I like Jon Russell's for great ribs (


      Pretty small space if you're planning to eat in, but I like the food a lot. And I actually like RJ's quite a bit. Another place near RJ's is Johnny's ... I'm not a big fan of their sandwiches, but the ribs are pretty good and the chicken was featured on DDD.