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Jul 11, 2013 11:08 PM

Meals near Vancouver General Hospital

Heading up from Seattle at the last minute to visit a friend in the hospital. Staying at the Holiday Inn on Broadway right near Vancouver General. Ideas for good dinner and breakfast/coffee nearby? Walking distance preferred but close drive OK too.


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  1. Obviously I'm not thinking clearly. We will need lunch as well when we arrive and the dinner will be late so anyplace open after 9pm would be great. We love chinese, sushi, dim sum (prob will try that sunday morning maybe)...honestly we just like good food. Also any good bars/lounges open late in the area? I will probably want a drink after the visit - just being honest here. And good coffee needed for sure in the morning.

    Thanks for any help.

    1. In that neighborhood, I like Eyisian for coffee. It's at Broadway and Ash St., so practically across the street. They have a small selection of good soups and sandwiches. Whole Foods is 4 blocks away at 8th Ave. & Cambie.
      Fairview Pub is in your neighborhood, and this weekends line up is good if you like R&B, Soul, Rock (not garage rock), blues.
      Others will have recommendations for dim sum, although Kirin at 12th & Cambie is solid and convenient (just not cheap).
      Peaceful, on Broadway, has very good "not Cantonese" fare.

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        Breaky at the Edge has been good in the past:

        Kirin and Dynasty both solid to great for dim sum, just be careful about ordering the special dimsum dishes. Ask for the north room at Kirin. Bring a sweater to Dynasty (crazy AC). Ask for the other, red hot sauce that comes with mustard at both.

        Menu changes at both fairly frequently. At Kirin, rice rolls, olive oil cake and egg tarts are pretty good. Pass on the double boiled milk and crispy rice. We were there on the 3rd and the deep fried prawn, pork and tender scallion bean curd roll was outstanding. And FYI we stuffed four adults for $15 a head on ten dishes (see pic of bill).

        Dynasty - from veg menu: buddha's feast, veg dish with gingko nuts, bean curd with mushroom (too cold per AE), baked lemon bbq pork pie (triangle pastry with lemon rind), shrimp and garlic spring rolls,
        pan fried white radish cake with Chinese sausage, mai gai (only get one order!), har gau, pan fried eggplant stuffed with fish paste in black bean sauce, deep fried shrimp with century egg spring rolls (has ginger -- not on menu July 2012), deep fried taro with bbq duck dumpling (juicy -- this is the purple one), egg tarts, steamed crab with pork dumplings (good but oversteamed), braised soft noodle with chicken in soup (on congee menu), baked sago with black sesame (excellent),

        Elysian also has great iced coffee and a tiny patio to the east of it for a little break.

        Peaceful is good but you have to order carefully and there will likely be a line unless you go at off times.

        **Peaceful 532 W Broadway near Cambie. (604) 879-9878 Sun-Th 11-9:30 Fri to 10 http://www.bcrestaurants.ca/menudb/au...
        Amelia and Eugene, Dad is Charlie Huang
        A7 Mustard noodle salad
        **A11 spicy herb salad with pressed tofu
        **A 17 Mandarin wonton soup cilantro, spinach and dried seaweed
        C1. 1000 chili chicken
        D3 pan fried pork buns
        **D6. potato roll
        **D7. cumin beef and flatbread
        D9 sesame flat bread (plain, see also D7
        )D11 chive pockets (big, and only if you like chive pockets, which I do)
        **D 12 Mandarin pork dumplings steamed garlic dipping sauce
        **D14. Spicy and tangy dumplings in sour soup (not really spicy though)
        D21 red bean pastry (dessert)
        **F1. mu shu stir-fried noodles (get with shredded ones: cutting)
        N12. Xi’an White Lamb Stew
        N15 Shan-Xi sauce noodles
        N21 Xi'an cold steamed noodles
        V4 tangy shredded potato
        black pepper fish soup with pickled veg

        avoid: D1. xlb, D2. steamed soft pork buns, D16. wonton in chili, corn buns, vegetable panfried/steamed dumplings (D19) (too grassy) chili garlic shredded pork (P6) too sweet, F11. cat ears (not house made), S1 water boiled fish just okay, N17 Xin Jiang

      2. Lots of options in the area for sure.

        Dynasty Seafood is almost next to your hotel - it's great dim sum option, super convenient. There's also a location of the local Malaysian chain Banana Leaf another half block up Broadway.

        About 6 block further west but worth it is Suika, an izakaya.

        There's the Taqueria on Cambie, just up from Broadway. Solly's Bagels (7th & Yukon) is good for a quick breakfast.

        1. What used to be a "Szechuan" resto (called Golden Great Wall) right at the corner of Holiday Inn has now evolved to become Shanghai Lu:


          No idea if the owner is the same. Menu looks more Shanghainese/Northern, but I'm sure it still has some of the perennial favorites of other regions popular with the Western palate (ie: S&S pork etc.).

          On 8th Ave, directly across from Whole Foods main entrance, is Max's Burgers. I've not been so can't comment first-hand, but I read mixed reviews.

          Ebisu (Broadway location) is a block away at the corner of Broadway & Ash, in the Broadway Plaza office complex. You have to find the stairs in the open courtyard to go up the 2nd floor where the restaurant is. Predictable Japanese fare but Japanese-operated, good service and great views:


          i-Cafe at the SW corner of Broadway & Heather offers Hong King-style foods. Cheap & fast, good service. 2nd floor above the hustle & bustle.

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            Another place to get a drink with some decent eats is Martini's, on Broadway, < 1 km east of Holiday Inn. Easily walkable.


            I like their calamari.

          2. I would echo the recommendations for Elysian for the best coffee in the area (Ash & Broadway)

            I must confess that a cup of tea and piece of pie at Pekoe's Tea Lounge (Laurel and Broadway) was breakfast more than once when I worked in the area.

            Dynasty Seafood for excellent dim sum (try the Buddha' Feast too).

            The Peaceful Restaurant is a good option for non-Cantonese Chinese food but order carefully (check other posts on this) as some dishes are wonderful and unusual and some are very pedestrian. I personally like the beef roll and mu shu noodles.

            Ebisu (in the back of the plaza at 601 West. Broadway) is a good option for Japanese/sushi in the area. Good quality, not too expensive, great service and a nice room. I particularly like them for lunch when they have a nice "create-your-own combo" option.

            For a great import (Belgian-heavy) beer selection I would recommend BierCraft on Cambie @ 17th. Milestones (above Wholefoods, entrance on Cambie between Broadway and 8th) has a great view and lounge area as another drink option.

            And finally, a controversial recommendation perhaps, but I would just make a note that the Cactus Club (Broadway & Ash) would be a good back up option for meal, particularly later in the evening when other places might be closed. This is a chain but the menu is appealing to most and the food quality is consistently good. Just to have on your radar for a backup plan so you don't end up somewhere terrible!

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              Ah .... Biercraft, great suggestion.

              And continuing along Cambie St corridor (Cambie Village):

              At 14th:
              Shiro (Japanese)
              Tropika (Malaysian/Singaporean)

              At 16->17th:
              Wang's Beef Noodles (Taiwanese)

              Pied-a-Terre (casual fine French bistro .... but book in advance !)
              Cafe Gloucester (Hong Kong-style cafe)
              U & I Thai

              Pronto Caffe (Italian)
              SoHo Teahouse (Taiwanese)
              Balilicious (Indonesian)

              * warning - do not go to Alexis Greek Restaurant .... horrible food, service and ridiculous prices (the empty room every night is a good hint)

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                Second location of Rogue Wetbar is very close to the hospital if you're looking for a sort of ok selection of craft-ish beer: http://www.roguewetbar.com/broadway

                Can't vouch for the food though...

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                  " ..... Wetbar is very close to the hospital ..... "

                  Haha, that just tickled my funnybone :-D