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Brunch Downtown

Would love ideas for lunch or brunch downtown on Sunday

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    1. Any other ideas? Nothing too creative or ethnic please as we will have a couple older people with us.

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      1. Is Mexican too ethnic? I had brunch at Mas Malo (7th and Grand) a few months ago. I hated what I got, but that was my fault. The other dishes looked pretty good. The place wasn't very busy, and the white sangria was delicious.

        1. There's a place called industriel (i think it's supposed to have the trendy mis-spelling), some have said it's darn good but I have not been yet.

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            No Sunday brunch at Industriel as far as I know (which is the issue for most of the places downtown).

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              Well, now you have learned an additional new thing for today.

              Check this out:


            1. Would the Pacific Dining Car be within your parameters?

              The breakfast/brunch items are great and the service top notch. It's 24 hours so you can go early. My own preference is to sit in the actual dining car but it's all lovely.

              Here is the breakfast menu: