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Jul 11, 2013 07:54 PM

Costco rotisserie chicken salvation?

Finally got one - only $4.99! But we're not crazy about the taste or texture; ok, we kinda hate it. Anything we can do to justify the purchase? Tetrazzini, lasagna, or just dump? Worth keeping the carcass? Lots of questions for a $5 purchase!

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  1. I always roast it @ 400F for an additional 30 minutes to render off more fat, and firm up the meat. We usually eat the leg/thigh as 1 entree, then I pull the breast meat for later use in salad, soup, quesadillas, enchiladas etc.. The carcass makes a decent, albeit salty stock. Worth the $4.99 if I'm in a time crunch.

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      Re-roasting is a good idea, because the meat (esp legs) are too pink and squishy for us but don't know if that's true for all their chickens all the time. Will keep it for now and contemplate this weighty matter further...

      1. re: Sarah

        Costco has rotisserie chicken down to a science, but sometimes you will see some pink by the bones and it doesn't mean it's underdone, but if that's a worry, it's fine to bake it further in your oven, or remove the meat and cook in other dishes.
        I adore Costco chickens, but usually get it for breaking down and using as a shortcut to other dishes.
        And my dogs ;-)
        My uses include Tortilla Soup, quesadillas, just made a sun dried tomato pasta with the white meat, chicken soup with farina dumplings... those are the usuals.

    2. Well, you could always take the meat off the bones and make it into green enchiladas, or for chicken soup.

      As for the carcass, I know a lot of people who use them to make chicken stock. I don't find it as salty as letsindulge apparently does, but I also use a mirepoix, which may absorb some of the salt.

      1. Mine have always been cooked through, meat falling off the bone. I pull the meat when I get home. Use the carcas for stock and make a tortilla soup with the dark meat. The breast get used for a sandwich or salad

        1. I made this chicken tinga recipe the other day and we loved it! Served on fried flour tortillas to make a tostada. Soooo good.

          1. Similar to what a few other folks have said, take the meat off of the bone and use it in a recipe that's sauce heavy. That should take care of the taste and texture issue. Think curries (Indian, Chinese, Thai, etc), enchiladas, white chicken chili. The types of dishes where the chicken is really just the carrier for the sauce.