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Jul 11, 2013 07:14 PM

Business Dinner in Princeton for 20-30 people?

Any suggestions for where to host a business group dinner for 20-30 people in Princeton? No need to go over the top -- I think the per-head food cost of the last dinner for this group was $60-$70 (not sure about wine/drinks).

All attendees will be from out of town, so thanks in advance for your advice! (We'll be staying at the Marriott at Forrestal, but are willing to drive into the city for dinner.)

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  1. You will be across Route 1 from Forrestal Village, and there is a decent italian restaurant there, Tre Piani. Easily could accommodate your party within your budget.

    1. As cwdonald stated below, Tre Piani is outstanding and there are a number of other excellent restaurants in the Forrestal Village complex. See .

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        I think "outstanding" is quite a stretch for Tre Piani. It is expensive and mediocre. It might work for what you need, but it is by no means a great restaurant.

        Agricola would be a much better place.

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          Well, you know what opinions are like and we all have one. I only ate there once and the Osso Buco was the best I've ever had out. At $35 it wasn't cheap but well worth it, again, in my opinion.

        2. re: TomDel

          Agree Tre Piani is only "decent" as mention above by cwdonald.

          Of the other Forrestal Village restaurants, only Salt Creek Grill and Ruth's Chris would be options for the OP.

          SCG is OK but the kitchen never cooks with consistency. One night they nail our requested temps and the next everything is overdone.

          Ruth's Chris is fine if you want to spend a lot for a chain one can find all over.

        3. in addition to the above recs,

          best option in Princeton is Agricola. Their private root cellar can seat 44 for a business dinner.

          Another excellent location for a biz dinner is nearby One 53 in Rocky Hill. Their wine cellar is a great place for a private dinner and can seat 24-28.

          1. Eno Terra would be a good place for your dinner. Their second floor is used for groups on weekdays. They have excellent food. They are located in Kingston which is slightly north of Princeton.


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              I had a business dinner there back in March and it worked out well, everyone enjoyed their food and the wine list had enough variety to satisfy the "winies". Our only complaint was that the service was really slow.

            2. Do yourself a favor, and at least check out Blue Bottle Café in Hopewell. Not sure if they can accommodate a party of that size, but it's well worth a try.


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                note to OP - Blue Bottle is byob. Not sure if an out of town business group is going to want to bring their own wines for 20-30.