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Jul 11, 2013 06:56 PM

How can I substitute flour for ground almonds?

I'm using Laura Vitale's recipe for a jelly roll and she uses ground almonds in her recipe, which I don't have and that is the only recipe I can use cause someone challenged me to a Laura Vitale recipe cook-off! How can I substitute flour...or can I just leave it out? It has 1/2 cup so that's a lot...I'm afraid flour will affect the texture and the light mouthfeel it's supposed to have... can anyone tell me what to do?

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  1. I'd go to Trader Joes and buy ground almonds. I'm not much of a baker, but it seems to me that this would make a difference.

    1. Either get or make ground almonds, or similar nut... Or sub with flour but I wouldn't do the full 1/2 cup... Maybe 1/4. Or leave it out.

      1. wheat flour and nut flours are not interchangeable since the protein/fats/moisture are totally different, not to mention the gluten aspect.

        i buy almond meal at trader joe's too.

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          It is often safe to substitute some quantity of ground nuts for flour and vice versa. Just compare similar recipes with and without and try to work out ratios of wet/dry.
          In this cake in particular, where the structure really comes from beaten egg whites, the gluten difference doesn't come into play. Flour is there for substance, not structure as in bread (this is true of most cakes)

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            it may be "safe", but a 1:1 isn't always a good idea and this kind of thing reminds of reading comments on internet recipes: "i subbed prunes for the sugar and whole wheat flour for the white and didn't have the right size pan and the cake sucked."

        2. I live in Taiwan, there's no Trader Joe's around here!

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            You can get ground almonds at a baking supply store. There's one on Jin Hua St, a minute or two walk east of Jing Xing Rd, on the right side of the road (in the Jingmei area) (there's an organic food shop not far away on the other side of the street).

            They also sell unsalted nuts, raisins, marscapone cheese, lady fingers, and various other useful goodies, at reasonable prices.

            ETA: I checked on Google Street view, and it looks like #88, although I'm not sure if that's Jin Hua, or another street.

            1. re: tastesgoodwhatisit

              Oh God Tastesgoodwhatisit, that is the best Internet post I ever saw. We are everywhere. You can't get away from us. "I can't get that product because I am in Taiwan." "Oh yes you can, and here's the address of the store." I love it.

          2. and flavor!! No way flour will ever give you the subtle almond flavor of ground almonds.

            Get out your blender and grind up some almonds.