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Jul 11, 2013 05:32 PM

ALL SPICE in San Mateo; what should I order?

Going tonight; what are your faves?

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  1. Sorry I missed this earlier - but for future reference. I really liked the atmosphere at All Spice and the food was thoroughly enjoyable - esp. for the area. If I were to nitpick though:

    I liked their starters/small courses more than their mains - so I would order a lot of those. The stew was good but not rather innovative (e.g. the type of curry you could find at a place 1/2 the price), and the more western dishes didn't rise to the same level as Frances etc. in the city.

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    1. re: goldangl95

      Do they get the high ratings just because they are in a bad area?

      1. re: Eudoxus

        I think reviews for mid to high end cuisines are inflated in the peninsula and South Bay. I also do really appreciate what they are trying to do, it just didn't quite work for me, but it is in no way a bad or overpriced meal - it just doesn't match the best food SF has to offer. It is definitely worth a try if the price point and location makes sense for you.

        1. re: goldangl95

          The price point seems to be about the same as the places in SF from looking at the menu. What am I missing?

          You know the people from All Spice are opening a place in SF called Game? It sounded really good, though hearing that they aren't that great is disheartening.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        It was very good, but not incredible. I had the scallop starter and they were cooked beautifully but I thought the dish was way too salty. My main was the wild boar gosht, which was very good.
        I found the room to be kind of claustrophobic and the wait staff were attentive but they seemed stressed out.

        My companion would definitely go back but I'm not sure I would.

        1. re: shark37

          Thanks for sharing. I've meant to give it a try but haven't made it yet. I've been in that venue when it was a bbq place, and yes, if no walls were knocked out in the refit, I could see that it would feel a little close.

          1. re: shark37

            The atmosphere reminded me of attending a dinner party in a friend's elegant but small home. I liked the coziness of it, but I could also sympathize with finding it cramped.