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Jul 11, 2013 04:21 PM

Parksville/Qualicum Beach

Any suggestions or recommendations?

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  1. Little of note-too short a season to attract operations of quality.

    1. if you're out for a drive - check-out Little Qualicum Cheese Works farmgate

      1. I asked about this in a thread 2 years ago while we were out that ways for a fam holiday. I don't remember if I started that thread or was it already an ongoing one. Can't seem to find it in the forum search, 'tho :-/ Are threads older than a certain age not searchable on CH ?

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          i was just reading a couple of other threads - here is the one in which GreyElf posted a list - you participated in the thread too LR

          EDIT to add - there is another much shorter old thread

          EDIT 2 - here is someone else looking for info - willing to buy and cook - that sounds like a good idea!

          i agree with the analysis on that thread 546671 (link above) that it's a diff crowd over there - etc etc - the availability of qualified staff - etc - and as SS points out in this current thread - the seasonability ------ i think this analysis could apply in many places in BC

          1. re: Georgia Strait

            Thanks GS :-)

            My only rec in Parksville is Pacific Prime Steak & Chop, the house resto in Beach Club Resort (where we stayed). V. decent food wi/o the obvious tourists price-gouging, in a simple but classy ambiance. You can opt to eat on the patio which is literally a few feet from the beach sands & boardwalk. On windy/cooler days the staff will bring you blankets :-) I forget if there are patio heaters, not that it's an issue right this time of year.



            There's a small artisanal bakery/deli called Bread & Honey Food Co. where we had many good brunches/lunches of paninis, waffles, sammies etc. Their soups are quite good. All made fresh daily. In this plaza:


        2. Thank you to those who responded.

          Parksville and Qualicum are pretty low on quality food establishments. Bread and Honey looked like it had promise but is closed on the weekends.

          I did have a nice visit to Qualicum Cheeseworks. There was a jazz concert, which was great, and the grounds are lovely. The cheese is good, not great, but good.

          The saving graces were the local grocery stores that had excellent local produce at very reasonable prices.

          Thanks again.