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Jul 11, 2013 04:04 PM

Plain tempeh

I've been living in Vancouver for most of a year, and I have yet to see blocks of plain tempeh in any store. All I can find are sliced packages flavoured to resemble meat, which is not what I'm after. Does anyone know whether it might be available here, and if so, where?


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  1. I've seen it in the freezer at Sunrise market, not sure its its flavoured or not though

    1. i get my tempeh from this lady in New West. She uses organic soy and packs them in blocks. her email is meilita2002 @

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      1. re: giggles_182

        I'll second this -- Meilita's tempeh is excellent (and cheap!)

        1. re: sobbuh

          I know zero about tempeh but because of this post I noticed a package of plain "simply soybean" at New Apple on Broadway near MacDonald. I even snapped a photo: it says ready to eat, just heat and serve. $3.99 a package in the cooler.

      2. I believe I've seen it at Famous Foods on Kingsway (just east of King Edward).