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Jul 11, 2013 03:48 PM

Sea and Smoke Del Mar

Officially Opens today at 5pm.

I managed to make it in yesterday (they allowed reservations) and it was really good. The wait staff was super friendly, knew the menu, and was extremely enthusiastic.

I actually went to Son of a Gun in LA earlier this week and this meal was better in every way. I thought the Sea and Smoke appetizer was great as was the duck entree and the Sea and Smoke dessert.

I can't wait until they work out the restaurant opening kinks and really work into high gear. I think it will be one of San Diego's best.

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  1. High praise I would say. We have been to Son of a Gun a couple times and based on those visits, the bar could not be set much higher. Looking forward to trying S & S.

    1. With a name like that, I wonder if their BGM will feature "Smoke On The Water" in heavy rotation...

      1. What else did you have to eat?

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Finally tried Sea and Smoke last week. Lovely patio, beautiful bar/lounge, eclectic menu. We start slowly with new restaurants so we went for lunch last Saturday. Husband enjoyed a mighty fine burger and I ordered a tasty, different-than-the-norm salad (more on that on the Sept/Salad topic). Husband declared it a favorite new place to the north of our hood. Can't wait to go back and explore that menu.