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Jul 11, 2013 02:24 PM

Can I save slimy asparagus

The tips of my asparagus or slimy and not pleasant smelling. I washed the slime off but wanted to know if I cut the tips off I can at least use some of the stalk??? I know the tips are the best part but I rather have stalks then no asparagus.

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  1. If they are still firm and not slimy I say go ahead and cook them

    1. I've cut off the slimy tips and used the stalks multiple times to no ill effect. I wouldn't serve them to company, but for personal consumption, sure.

      1. Slimy and smelly... to me = TOSS!!

        1. i've cut off some slimy tips, but if the food smells bad i'd toss it.

          1. You can make a pasta sauce placing asparagus in food processor w/ cream and nutmeg. Chop up some prosciutto and toss w/ cheese. You can keep some of the stalks, dice and toss em in too.