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Jul 11, 2013 01:54 PM

London with toddler: Pubs/cafes/ethnic?

Hi! We are from NYC. Will be spending 5 days in London (staying in City of London, Doubletree Tower).

Planned schedule (hahaha!!!)
Breakfast - in hotel
Lunch - want to visit Mayfair, Hampstead, Notting Hill and other neighbourhoods. Just one neighbourhood per morning..
After lunch - naptime back in hotel
Dinner - same as above but also might stay in the area around hotel. Or takeout in hotel depending on baby's sleep.

Not looking to see/do everything. Want to avoid tourist sites. 3rd visit to London. More focused on walking and seeing neighbourhoods. Very relaxed.

Particularly interested in gastropubs, cafes, ethnic food. Bar/food walks albeit limited :) We are also going to Paris for a week after so will start a separate thread about that..

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  1. Let me try being more specific:)

    Our hotel has changed to Hilton Tower Bridge in Southwark.

    Here is what I'm looking for:
    Lunch and dinner places that are appropriate with a toddler (no need for child menu - just don't want raised eyebrows) in the following neighboorhoods:

    Southwark (Garrison on Bermondsey, Maltings Cafe)?
    Clerkenwell (St.Johns)?
    Notting Hill (Grange & Co)?
    Hampstead Heath (Bull & Last)?

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    1. re: suetibu

      If you're looking around Bermondsey/Southwark and you're around on a weekend, you might want to visit maltby street market. It has plenty of places to eat lunch and will be great if the sun is out.

      Not sure if the garrison is worth a special visit and it can get a bit cramped, so I don't know how it would work with high chairs etc, but I have seen families with young children in there. I'd say Zucca just down the road is a better restaurant, but early booking is necessary. And the maltings has closed.

      1. re: spli

        Hello, how old is your little one?
        The Bull and Last is a great choice if you are going to Hampstead Heath. You might need to book though.
        If its this hot you might want to get the bus instead of the underground, which can get really hot for children, and carrying buggies.Google TFL bus routes, type in your start and end point and it will come up with the bus number and all the stops.
        In and around Mayfair there is some great eating in the hotel restaurants but don't know if you want to do fine dining? These places can be accommodating when it comes to little one but I always email them to check. Alyn Williams at the Westbury comes to mind.
        Little social is on that area too. If you are ok to walk over to soho/ Covent Garden you have No.1 Leicester Street, again good food and in a hotel, and 10 Greek St which you can book.
        In Clerkenwell there is of course St John, then Bistrot Bruno Loubet at the Zetter, the Modern Pantry and if you get the bus up to Exmouth Market, Moro and Morito and further up in Kings Cross, Kerb for street food and Caravan.

        1. re: curiouseater

          Sorry, I should have been clearer that I was talking about these places for breakfast and lunch. I agree that I have rarely seen children eating out after 7 ish.

          1. re: curiouseater

            Yes, I should have clarified.

            IF we have dinner out, it will be early (5-7) because our baby goes to sleep early (i.e. not taking into account jet lag).

            Alternatively, are there places that deliver (like in NYC, not sure of equivalent there) to hotels - i.e. put baby to sleep, order in dinner?

            Not necessarily looking for fine dining. But good food is very important :)

      2. Just a few observations after having lived near London for quite awhile....

        I rarely see a toddler out for dinner - anywhere. Maybe that has to do with people eating later here than they do in other places like NYC. I assume you'll be eating fairly early with your toddler, so that may be an advantage in finding suitable places.

        You'll have no trouble at all at lunchtime and can eat wherever you like in neighborhood or more upscale places. I hope some people here can help you out with some appropriate choices, especially for dinner.