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Jul 11, 2013 01:30 PM

Arroz con gandules?

I'm looking for a list of places that have great arroz con gandules. My favorite is Yely's, whose arroz con gandules is fondly known as "crack rice" by my roomies. Cafe Latino (sob) was good also...WAS...and Alex's Chimis is ok but not up there with Yely's. Who's got the best crack rice in town? Bonus points for excellent pernil or chicharron.

(btw, I've had Izzy's pernil once, and wasn't too impressed...ok, not worth a trip is my thought)

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    1. Not sure how far you are coming from...but Pollo Tipico in Lawrence has awesome arroz con gandules.

      1. The main drag in Lynn has two or three Dominican places, De Leomar is one, blanking on the others. All worth a whirl.