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Real Backwoods nothing fancy BBQ off of route 40 on way to Holden Beach NC

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I don't want to come too far off the interstate but a place that looks like they're serving BBQ out of their house! Or a good soul food buffet?

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  1. Route 40 or Interstate 40? If I-40, starting where?

    1. Coming from Rocky Mount to Wilmington then onto 17....so anywhere on that route would be great

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        So I-95 south to I-40 to Wilmington? Not a lot of good options close to the highway on that route, unfortunately. There are several previous posts for bbq along I-95, if you do a search you will find them. My suggestion wold be to stay on I-95 past I-40 to Lumberton, NC and eat at Fuller's bbq. It's right off the interstate. The 'q is not that great, but they have a huge buffet of southern-style food, including lots of great veggies. Get back on I-95 south a couple of miles to Highway 74, to Hwy. 211 to 17.

      2. I think the best bbq within range would be Grady's at Dudley, NC (just outside Goldsboro), or Wilber's in Goldsboro, two of the best bbq joints in the state. You'd take the I-795 spur to Goldsboro, then get back to I-40 via US 117 (google for details).

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          Thanks y'all (practicing)...they sound like great choices!

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            Yeah, this is what I would do also.

          2. Maybe this will fit into your route

            Blackbeard's BBQ and C food


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              20 minutes or more from I-95.

            2. Thanks so much...I checked out their site looks good...has anyone had B's BBQ in Greenville

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                B's is good and fit the atmosphere you want perfectly, but you want to hit it early, especially on Saturday. Greenville is also pretty far off the route you described earlier. On the other hand, your route back to I-40 would take you right past the Skylight Inn in Ayden, which is really, *really* good.

                On the other, other hand, the drive from Greenville to I-40 is a major PITA once the 4-lane runs out south of Pink Hill.

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                  B's is very popular, probably amongst people on this board as well. But you'll be nowhere near unless you change your route.

                2. Good information NACO...I mapped out a route on Google but if it's a real traffic nightmare I'll avoid it altogether

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                    From Pink Hill to I-40 you'll be on a narrow two-lane that's chock full of tractor trailers trying to get to I-40.

                  2. it says to go 11 to 241 to 111 to 41 then to 40 it will be a 3:00 trip

                    1. Any report on where you ate?

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                        Absolutely! I've been to the Sugar Shack in Ocean Isle Beach....excellent coconut shrimp and Red Stripe

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                          Any bbq on the way down?

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                            I'm not going this year until August but in my past trips I've never had real Carolina BBQ