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BIg Green Egg aficionados-advice please!

Is this a good deal?? My husband has a "big" birthday coming up and has really wanted a high powered charcoal grill. Reviews have been great but the biggest con has been price.

The local distributer is willing to sell me their floor model/demo unit for $899. it comes fully loaded with:
-side shelves
-cast iron grids

The unit has been used aprox 10 times but has no visible wear/tear, no dents and is very clean. Crazy money but compared to what I see on line the large egg with nest alone is close to $1K.

If its not a good deal what would you offer for it?

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  1. Prices vary based on location, but keep in mind that is missing the most needed add on... A plate setter, I would ask for that to be added in the deal.

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    1. re: bkultra

      Thats the shelves that come off the side, right? It has those.

      Do you own one? Any feedback, thoughts.

      While price do vary I haven't seen more that a $50-100 variance on the egg itself. Accessories appear to have a wider range.

      1. re: foodieX2

        No, a plate setter sits inside the egg to allow indirect cooking, one of the main reasons for getting a BGE.

        1. re: foodieX2

          No, a plate setter is a stone-type unit that you put inside the BGE in order to do indirect (like smoking) cooking:

          It really should come with the BGE, but costs an additional ~$99. You could ask for that and some extras like charcoal, starters, ash tool, cover, etc. so that you're ready to go right away.

          Will they be delivering the unit for you? I had to pay extra for delivery and set up.

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            The plate setter is a ceramic piece that sits inside the Egg over the firebox to produce an indirect cooking environment. It's used for low and slow BBQ and smoking. When you are direct grilling you don't use the plate setter. It's removable.

            The shelves on the side are either called shelves or mates, they have 2 different types. The Mates are wood, the Shelves are composite.

            By the way, the Egg makes incredible pizza, get the Egg pizza stone it's much better quality and thicker than you find in most housewares stores.

        2. What size is their floor model? The Egg comes in 5 sizes so the value of the "deal" would depend on the size.

          You will need a platesetter to do indirect cooking and low and slow BBQ.

          Have you been to the Big Green Egg forums? It's a much better place to ask for advice than Chowhound. There aren't a whole lot of Egg users here. We have had ours for years so I'm not that up on the current prices.

          Having said that we love ours. We have 2 larges and I'm the one that pushed my husband to get one. We have always had wood and charcoal grills and smokers. IMO the Egg is well worth the money.

          If your husband is handy he might want to build a table to hold the egg. We have our first one in the nest as we bought it that way and when we got our second my husband built a table for it.

          The original forum is greeneggers.com the "official" forum is eggheadforum.com

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          1. re: rasputina

            Sorry I thought I put that in the OP, it's a large. I just called them and it DOES have the plate setter.

            I will head over to those forums too, thank you!

          2. We bought ours several years ago as well so am not sure what current price is. I do know that the local Egg retailer that sponsors the Eggfest here offers those units at 20% off when the event is over so that might give you some comparison. They include the Nest, Mates and platesetter on those units.

            1. You should jump on that. With the platesetter and nest plus the fact that it's assembled and has been cooked on with no apparent problems makes it, IMO, a good deal.
              He'll love it.

              1. yes it is a good deal if it has the place setterr... but keep in mind this thing is very heavy and to set one up is quite job...

                1. $899 sounds like full retail for a NEW large BGE...the nest, the metal brackety on wheels looking thing or the table? If they throw in the placesetter and deliver, I'd pay that for a used model

                  1. I have had LG BGE for over 10 years & love it. For all that your getting it sounds like a good deal. My biggest concern would be that you are listed as the original owner on all the warranty paperwork. I did have a firebox crack early on and they replaced it & my local dealer even had all my paperwork on file which made the process very easy.

                    Cheap 1/2 thickness firebricks (the beige colored bricks you see inside a fireplace) ($1.25 each) work great for indirect cooking for those that don't have the plate setter.

                    1. I have gone back and forth on ceramic cookers and personally, I'm looking at a stick burning off-set smoker.

                      The Old Country BBQ Pits Wrangler Smoker is one value oriented choice that gets high marks from various smoker forums. Add a Webber kettle and you will have very nice backyard grill and smoker setup.

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                      1. re: Sid Post

                        I am not looking for a smoker but thanks. If my husband wants to smoke something (which he has yet to want to do in the last 22 years, LOL) my understanding that you can also smoke in the BGE.

                        1. re: foodieX2

                          I have friends who are thinking about getting a cooker for the family patriarch. I spent a while researching for them last weekend. The kicker for their situation is that it'll go to a beach house that gets lots of salt spray. BGE is the ubiquitous brand, but I suggested a Grill Dome or something with stainless hardware for their situation.

                          If you aren't worried about smoking, I'd definitely get the egg (and ask for the plate setter as part of the package, anyway).

                          Offsets can hold a lot more stuff (and the one in the link looks heavy duty), but there are a lot of inexpensive ones out there that are junk. I have a couple of co-workers who suffer through cooking on them. The biggest thing is tightness- if you can't control the airflow, you can't control the cooker.

                          1. re: ted

                            The Old Country BBQ Pits Wrangler Smoker is made from 3/16ths steel so, it holds heat a lot better than most "cheap" alternatives.

                            Avoid the thin ones if at all possible. They are hard to seal and it's hard to keep the temperatures even and hot enough.

                          2. re: foodieX2

                            The BGE was originally designed as a smoker and has a very easy learning curve. The thick ceramics retain heat like a kiln meaning far less fresh dry hot air passes over the food during the cook. This helps retain moisture and stable temps even during the winter when its 15 degrees outside. I can easily smoke 3 full racks of spare ribs without even using a stacking grid.

                            As a grill, it easily hits temps over a 1000 degrees for truly outstanding searing. I have a Weber gas grill which performs very well but it can't even begin to compare to the high temp grilling capabilities of the BGE.

                        2. I've had my large BGE for 8 years, and I've saved well more than it cost because I can make a way better steak on it than most restaurants can.

                          That said, $899 with no plate setter isn't a great deal for a demo Egg. They go for less than that at most Eggfests and might have been used only a couple of times.

                          $799 with the plate setter and the warranty on your name - now that would be worth it. Otherwise you might as well by new from a more reasonably-priced dealer.

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                          1. re: FoodFire

                            Steakhouses are completely off the radar since getting the BGE over 10 years ago. With the perfect steak grilling tool came an obsession for the perfect steak which led to buying high grade sub primals & different aging methods & times.

                          2. Ugh, just stopped by thd dealer and the floor model was already sold. Guy walked in lady night and paid cash and took it with him. I knew that was risk but still, I'm bummed.

                            I discovered why they are selling the floor models though-they are switching to Kamado Joe. According to the salesman it was developed by previous employees of BGE, is less expensive and easier to use/assemble. Off to do more research...

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                              I just pulled my purchase records: 5/2003 LG BGE w/nest, grill gripper, ash tool & Daisy Wheel Top listed for $820. & I paid $725. I will have to admit at the time I wondered at first if I was a sucker or something. Then I started cooking on it and the thought never entered my head again.

                              DURABILITY: After 10 years of weekly year round extremely hot searing and long smoking, the only out of pocket repairs for me were: (1) Cracked charcoal grate, new stailness charcoal grate upgrade $30.00 & (1) burned gasket, new Nomex gasket upgrade $25.00.

                              After the 2 upgrades mentioned above, over the "next" 10 years or so I can see maybe another gasket at $25.00 & possibly a new set of springs & band bolts that I can get anywhere for less than $25.00 to the front door.

                              I did have a badly cracked firebox (2008) which was fully covered under the BGE lifetime warranty. Dealer brought it in with a regular shipment of eggs so there was no shipping. New firebox is much better.

                              My point is that barring an accident such as tipping it over and breaking the ceramics, any of these ceramic cookers should last for many, many years and maybe a lifetime with very little in the way of repairs costs. While saving say 20% would have been nice, if normal price is manageable for you the quality & versatility of the cook combined with the longevity of the unit will make you feel better again :-)

                            2. I found a used one for $300. Put it in my volvo wagon and have been happy ever since. My wife said everything that comes off that grill is amazing! Small leaving curve for me but NBD. There are many videos and forums.

                              I usually make roast chickens and grilled veggies. The Holy Grail is the slow cooked brisket. My BGE was my kitchen while the power was out for ten days due to hurricane Sandy.

                              Don't know anyone with a Kamodo Joe. Im sure they are comparable. Bit less $.

                              Back to the original issue. Even though the floor model is gone, get one if you guys grill often. They are a great reason to stay home with friends on a sunday.

                              1. yes. good price. I'd grab it. I did the same thing for my husband. I got it in sacramento. I have an upgraded stand. He loooooooooves his BGE. I threatened to get rid of it the other day (because it takes forever to get to temp on the days that i'm on a deadline, which is just the wrong mindset with charcoal barbequing) and he got big puppy dog eyes...

                                Only thing i would check for is the wool seal around the lid: my floor model had been used enough that the seal was in need of replacment, only we were not knowledgeable enough to realize that. took a while to see what was going on.. they are about $35 and easy enough to replace.

                                about that plate setter: yes it's vital. yes it breaks. make sure you barbeque with shoes on!

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                                1. re: rmarisco

                                  The new gaskets are of a different material and are much more durable and less prone to failure caused by high heat. If they do fail however, they are very easy to replace.

                                2. We have owned and used at least a half dozen different grilles during 32 years of marriage.....starting with small portable charcoal weber progressing to some large 8 burner propane monsters.

                                  All of them worked ok and allowed us to do simple grilling but as our efforts grew a bit more adventurous, like trying to grill/smoke pork shoulders or briskets or smoke/bake homemade pizza the limitations of our equipment became pretty evident.

                                  After a couple years of reading about BGE's and always feeling it was beyond our means we went to an Eggfest event To see them in action. It was a revelation to witness the versatility of the Egg, as a grille, as an insulated oven, as a controllable smoker. We tasted dozens of samples cooked on the Eggs and seriously considered buying one of the used demonstration Eggs on sale at the conclusion of the Eggfest....but again shied away due to the cost.

                                  A couple months later, following a sorry attempt to grille a pizza on a Dukane gas grill, my wife took the plunge and bought a BGE as a surprise gift. Absolutely blown away by the gift, but even more impressed by the cooking results we have achieved on our Egg. It has changed what we grille/smoke, the way we do it and the results obtained. My only regret is that we didn't buy one sooner.

                                  Wish I could speak to the affordability of the purchase but as a gift I wasn't going to pry.

                                  That was like 4 years ago, I have since replaced the original felt gasket with a high temp nomex one but that has been the only improvement this Egg has needed thus far. We use ours at least once each week including winters without any thermal cracking. Literally, it is built like a tank and will likely be the last grille we ever buy

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                                  1. re: ThanksVille

                                    I can think of few products I have purchased over the years that exceeded my expectations like the BGE.

                                  2. This may be blasphemy for some, but Costco is closing out their Kamado grills this week for $400 (about half price). Hard to believe that mid-July is end of season, but all their summer goods are starting to get mark-downs. Not a BGE, but worth a shot for $400. Returnable if you're dissatisfied.

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                                    1. re: ferret

                                      I just talked to someone who bought one at Costco over the weekend for the low price you speak of. Have not seen it yet and don't remember the brand.

                                      1. re: Tom34

                                        I believe the one in the stores is the same as online (but the price drop online isn't as great but shipping is obviously expensive on a 200+ lb item.):


                                        1. re: ferret

                                          I just looked at that.....seems like a "very" good deal in the $400 range.....can't even get a good gas grill for that kind of money. Hope the OP sees that.

                                          1. re: Tom34

                                            If you search for "Vision Grills kamado" there are a number of favorable reviews. Had I not just purchased a Hasty Bake I'd be all over this deal.

                                    2. I second the comment about you holding the warranty rights. If that comes with it, it sounds like a good deal if it "Large" or (esp.) "Extra Large."

                                      The BGE is sold at two places around here: one has the Large "on sale" for $800, but will charge $175 for the stand; the other sells the Large for $849, and asks $135 or so for the stand. The second place would probably deliver for free, but I'm not sure--that's just what they've before with my grills and a snowblower i got there. I'm thinking of getting one at last.

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                                      1. re: Bada Bing

                                        I bought the nest stand 10 yrs ago when I got mine.

                                        If handy, stand money, $135.00 - $175.00, would buy enough lumber, tile backer board and tile to built a beautiful cart on wheels. Many plans in the BGE forum.

                                        I am going to make an outdoor kitchen with light weight materials (metal studs, light weight backer board & thin synthetic granite tiles. (3) 4 foot sections that come apart if I move.

                                        1. re: Tom34

                                          I have thought of building a stand. The woodworking would be a snap for me, and when I have the time, I enjoy it.

                                          But I think it would be hard to put something together for less than $125 or so. Hefty stainless casters wouldn't be cheap, and I would also want to use white oak or the like for weather-proofness and look, and that's not cheap. But it would look great!

                                          1. re: Bada Bing

                                            Hvy SS casters & exotic wood would significantly add to the cost. If I was going that route, for beauty, outdoor durability/longevity (30 yrs or more) & fire rating I would consider IPE wood. Much tighter grain & 3 times the shear strength of oak. It also comes T & G (porch flooring) if you want a virtually indestructible fireproof surface.

                                            1. re: Bada Bing

                                              On a budget, I would use light weight mid grade cedar from Home Depot and doubled up used free lawn mower wheels on a long lag bolts and keep it chocked up off wheels except when moving it. That I could do for about a $100.00.

                                              1. re: Bada Bing

                                                Because of the fire rating, durability & beauty of IPE....... 2"x2" IPE wood frame and 3/4" x 4" T & G IPE flooring for the counter & wall surfaces are still on the table so to speak for my outdoor kitchen. T & G IPE walls would make for easy flush mounted SS access doors & draw sets. Could be built in modules for easy breakdown if I move. Have to calculate the weight though as IPE weighs like concrete.

                                                1. re: Tom34

                                                  I've never handled Ipe, but I hear it's great. Weight is interesting with wood: I have some African Padauk and cannot believe how much it weighs.

                                                  1. re: Bada Bing

                                                    Ipe is close to 80 lbs cu ft......sinks in water!