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Jul 11, 2013 11:36 AM

BIg Green Egg aficionados-advice please!

Is this a good deal?? My husband has a "big" birthday coming up and has really wanted a high powered charcoal grill. Reviews have been great but the biggest con has been price.

The local distributer is willing to sell me their floor model/demo unit for $899. it comes fully loaded with:
-side shelves
-cast iron grids

The unit has been used aprox 10 times but has no visible wear/tear, no dents and is very clean. Crazy money but compared to what I see on line the large egg with nest alone is close to $1K.

If its not a good deal what would you offer for it?

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  1. Prices vary based on location, but keep in mind that is missing the most needed add on... A plate setter, I would ask for that to be added in the deal.

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    1. re: bkultra

      Thats the shelves that come off the side, right? It has those.

      Do you own one? Any feedback, thoughts.

      While price do vary I haven't seen more that a $50-100 variance on the egg itself. Accessories appear to have a wider range.

      1. re: foodieX2

        No, a plate setter sits inside the egg to allow indirect cooking, one of the main reasons for getting a BGE.

        1. re: foodieX2

          No, a plate setter is a stone-type unit that you put inside the BGE in order to do indirect (like smoking) cooking:

          It really should come with the BGE, but costs an additional ~$99. You could ask for that and some extras like charcoal, starters, ash tool, cover, etc. so that you're ready to go right away.

          Will they be delivering the unit for you? I had to pay extra for delivery and set up.

          1. re: foodieX2

            The plate setter is a ceramic piece that sits inside the Egg over the firebox to produce an indirect cooking environment. It's used for low and slow BBQ and smoking. When you are direct grilling you don't use the plate setter. It's removable.

            The shelves on the side are either called shelves or mates, they have 2 different types. The Mates are wood, the Shelves are composite.

            By the way, the Egg makes incredible pizza, get the Egg pizza stone it's much better quality and thicker than you find in most housewares stores.

        2. What size is their floor model? The Egg comes in 5 sizes so the value of the "deal" would depend on the size.

          You will need a platesetter to do indirect cooking and low and slow BBQ.

          Have you been to the Big Green Egg forums? It's a much better place to ask for advice than Chowhound. There aren't a whole lot of Egg users here. We have had ours for years so I'm not that up on the current prices.

          Having said that we love ours. We have 2 larges and I'm the one that pushed my husband to get one. We have always had wood and charcoal grills and smokers. IMO the Egg is well worth the money.

          If your husband is handy he might want to build a table to hold the egg. We have our first one in the nest as we bought it that way and when we got our second my husband built a table for it.

          The original forum is the "official" forum is

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          1. re: rasputina

            Sorry I thought I put that in the OP, it's a large. I just called them and it DOES have the plate setter.

            I will head over to those forums too, thank you!

          2. We bought ours several years ago as well so am not sure what current price is. I do know that the local Egg retailer that sponsors the Eggfest here offers those units at 20% off when the event is over so that might give you some comparison. They include the Nest, Mates and platesetter on those units.

            1. You should jump on that. With the platesetter and nest plus the fact that it's assembled and has been cooked on with no apparent problems makes it, IMO, a good deal.
              He'll love it.

              1. yes it is a good deal if it has the place setterr... but keep in mind this thing is very heavy and to set one up is quite job...