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Jul 11, 2013 10:54 AM

Ohio State Fair Eats, etc

We're going to the Ohio State Fair! As past visitors to the Minnesota State Fair, we've had our share of cheese curds, corn dogs, taffy, all-the-milk-you-can-drink, Swedish coffee, fried things on a stick (sweet and otherwise) to last several lifetimes. What are the can't-miss Buckeye delicacies at the Fair? Any food/cooking demos that are uniquely Ohio (we've worshipped at the Hormel tent in MN)?

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  1. We go to a lot of county fairs but went to the state fair last year for the first time. The one unique-to-Ohio thing that sticks out to me was there was a building dedicated to serving Ohio foods, like pork, chicken, beef and eggs all from Ohio farms, ice cream made from OH cow's milk, etc. It wasn't fancy by any means, but it was more normal/real food than all the fried stuff, like pork chop dinners and such.

    I seem to recall the fair's website had a good description of vendors and other activities, that's probably the place to look for more info.

    1. the fair is really nice.

      before you go -- be sure to download the 'ohio state fair food finder' app for your smartphone. you can explore all the vendors in advance.

      my memories are that you will find anything and everything possible deep fried and on a stick. thats what state fairs are all about i suppose. i like elephant ears and anything powder sugared. i would say apple dumplings are something pretty particularly ohio-y to look for.

      the bldg rnr is referring to is called the taste of ohio cafe. its right in the middle of the fairgrounds. you can look over some of last years menus here:

      have fun and ease report back!