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Coopers General Store [Salters, SC]

Has anyone been here? I am thinking about an alternate route back from a trip I have to take to check it out.

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  1. Since this board covers 3 states, can you say what city and state this is in?

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      I figured if anyone had been they would know....

      Salters, SC

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        But those who haven't been might want to...

    2. GO!!! It's a nice old country store like you don't see anymore. The room full of country hams is a killer. Their homemade sausage is wonderful and bacon delicious. I use this route to Pawley's just to visit and get the pig meat. Of course we stop on the way home for boiled peanuts and more country ham . Make sure to take your cooler !

        1. I stop there every chance I get on my way to/from the beach. Pick up a pound of BBQ, some boiled peanuts, house made sausage, etc... One word of caution- the are closed on Sundays, so if you're traveling on that day, don't change your route for it.

          1. Yes...go...it's unique..you'll love it :) (you may feel as though you've stepped into the "way-back machine") Caution: closed on Sunday..

            1. just go! Coopers Store is a gem.The first time I walked in there and saw those hams hanging I was in awe.If I had a place like this close to me I'd try to go there every day.Walking into Coopers is stepping back into depression era low country,but in a very good way,neighbors helping neighbors.The Coopers could almost charge admission,but all they ask is for some of your business and shared good will. Damn, imagine that!

              1. I hadn't heard of this place before - thanks to this thread, I'm adding it to the list. How is their BBQ?

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                  Nice little article in G&G mag I got today about Coopers store.

                  Just when I was getting close to giving up on Garden & Gun, this one came today with a big article on The House Of Berretta!

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                    Durn, I was kind of hoping Coopers would stay a local secret. I had a chance to stop by in October. Their BBQ and BBQ chicken are both really good.

                  1. Coopers is on my route down to Pawley's. Makes a good place to stop and stretch.Nice to see they're getting attention (the good kind).