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Jul 11, 2013 08:55 AM

Grasso - quick report

We went to Grasso on Tuesday night and really enjoyed it. I was initially thrown off by the system of ordering before you sit down, but I ended up really enjoying it as it allowed us to control the pace of our meal. We started out ordering a glass of wine and an order of the meatballs and the chop salad. The meatballs were great and the salad was good but too spicy for my taste (I am a spice-whimp).

We then got up and ordered a bottle of wine and the zucchini salad, which was great. Then we went back and ordered the buccatini and the agnolotti. The agnolotti were not on the menu, but we were sitting at the counter watching the chef make them and he offered to cook some up for us - how could we resist! Both dishes were very good, but we were too full to finish either of them.

I will happily return when I am in the mood for pasta - especially since it is halfway between my office and home!

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  1. Dittos - odd order process, but food is perfect pasta cooked to perfection.