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Jul 11, 2013 08:37 AM

Looking for nice place to stop for lunch in DE ...

We are driving from NY to the Outer Banks next month ... any suggestions for a place to stop for lunch in Delaware? We don't want to veer too far from US-13 but want something a little bit nicer than McDonald's. Maybe a diner or sandwich shop? Something a little Mom and Pop-ish?

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  1. McGlyns On State street and on the lake in Dover on 13 southbound lane look for the State St bend, not really a turn, and keep an eye on the right. 2 or 3 story building. Good food with an adventurous menu and all the favorites too.

    1. WE travel Rte 13 every year on our way to Corolla . We usually stop in VA- and here are a few place we have tried. Tammy and Johnnys in Melfa VA, Machipongo CLam Shack in Nasawadox VA, Exmore Diner in Exmore VA. WE leave tomorrow am for our annual trip to paradise!! There are TONS of mom and pop places the entire length of 13/113. hae fun.

      1. Ioannoni's, on Basin road just a few hundred yards from Rt. 13, has fabulous sandwiches. Fresh bread. Meats cooked in house. Try the Roast Beef Supremo...moist garlicky roast beeg and sharp provolone with broccoli rabe. Or the pork prepared the same way. Or their super tender chicken parm. Sausage (made in =house) and peppers. Even their pepper and eggs. Clean, friendly, efficient. Add some long hots. Say hi to Mike and ask him why he doesn't open a spot in Wilmington.

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            Uhhh I guess that's New Castle. Just south of Wilmington. Easy to get to from 95, as well ,via 141 South. Just killer sandwiches.

        1. Thank you, Macca & Anaphylactic! I will put those places on my list.

          Has anyone heard of this place? A coworker recommended it and I think I may have a homerun here (blue cheese & scrapple pierogies with carmelized onions?!?!?! Holy schnikes!).