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Jul 11, 2013 07:15 AM

Best grilling pan?!

I really want a new grilling pan but don't want to end up paying for something that is majorly flawed, any suggestions and reviews!?

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  1. I received a Lodge CI grill pan for Christmas about 3 years ago. I've used it ever since. I use it daily.

    It is heavy, and you have to periodically clean it. But it does burgers or bacon well, as well as veggies.

    1. Well, it depends how flexible you are. Personally, I recommend a cast iron grilling pan. However, it depends if you have the patience and care to use it. A stainless steel surface grilling pan is easily to take care of, but more difficult to cook with. A Telfon coated grilling pan is easy to use and easy to clean, but you cannot and should not use it for high heat.

      So it really depends your needs.

      1. I'm really looking for a mock grill I hate to say it. Because we all kno nothing can give u the same taste really. But I'm 20 years old and I'm in an apartment so I can't have one I take care of my cooking equipment so it's not maitnence I'm concerned about

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          I'm sure you already know that any grill pan is really not comparable to the results from actual grilling. I have a cast iron grill pan but I basically only use it for panini. None of the grill pans I've used or seen have the grate high enough to not just end up steaming the food once it releases some moisture.

          Plus the real flavor comes from the charcoal smoke not the grill marks themselves.

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            Can you spell out a bit more? I still don't have any idea what you want. For example, what do you want this pan to do? What do you want to cook? What are your concerns? I cannot make out from your last reply.

          2. Really a fan of grilled marks on steak too so I would be using for veggies as well as thing tht need to be cooked at a higher temp, that's we're I seem to find the problem. Don't have a crap ton of money but wld like a pan tht will deliver decent results

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              Another vote for a Lodge bare cast iron grill pan. We use ours a lot in the colder months for steaks, burgers, peppers, mushrooms, etc. Picked one up at TJ Max for $14. I like the square grill pan with handle like a fry pan, helps contain some of the splatter, not that there is a lot because the meat is not down in the grease. It's easy to lift to the oven to finish a steak. Another hounder here mentioned using a chopstick to clean out the furrows in the grill. Works like a charm. Wash with hot water and a scrub brush after running the chopstick through the grooves. Be sure to heat on stove after washing to dry, then hit with some Pam spray or oil to protect. Oil again before using once hot to help prevent sticking. It will deliver and won't cost a ton. Just crank the stove up hot and turn on the fan, it will smoke! You can use a spatter screen too.


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                For ~$20 the Lodge cast iron options are going to be your best option.


                I have been known to use a Weber Smokey Joe in a parking lot or on top of a concrete picnic table in the "community area" of motels and apartment complexes.