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Jul 11, 2013 06:03 AM

Romantic Dinner Under $25 a person? San Diego/ Julian...


I'm planning to visit Julian for its famous pies and then heading to San Diego for dinner.

Price: Looking for a dinner for less than $25 a person.

Vibe: A place with hype that lives up to it, or a place that would be romantic for a date- i.e. scenic views, good food, place to talk. We could do a very low-key hole in the wall, to a nicer place. Doesn't matter.

Location: Willing to drive to anywhere in SD or Julian.

Food type: Any except BBQ.A few Ideas: Seafood/ Fresh, local/ Mediterranean/ American/ French/ Mexican/ Sushi...


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  1. Jeremy's on the hill in Wynola/Julian is excellent.

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      This looks very promising. Thanks! I will look into it!

    2. The Wine Vault maybe a good choice in your price range, they have good 3 course prix fixe offering.

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        Thanks for the rec! I just noticed on the website they are closed on Sundays! Forgot to mention that we are planning to go on a Sunday.

      2. We ended up at Salerno winery for lunch and they have wine tasting as well as freshly baked bread and pizza. You can take a tour of the vineyards, and they have provocative statutes throughout the parking lot. It's a down to earth feel, but friendly service. The pizza dough was a nice blend of crispy and chewy with that refreshing tomato basil topping.

        1. Also had Julian Pie co. Lives up to the hype. Nicely spiced with cinnamon, the flavor of the apples were highlighted, and is had the right amount of sweetness. I ate the whole pie. Didn't regret it one bit.