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Jul 11, 2013 06:00 AM

Where to find 'brains' on menu in Toronto

A European living in northern Ontario will be visiting Toronto this weekend. any ideas where he can find brains on a menu in Toronto. Even better if tripe, cheek, tongue, pigs head, etc ... was offered as well.

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  1. I see Tripe and brains and various organs for sale at my local Fortino's in Brampton on a regular basis.

    1. Black Hoof is famous for offal. Don't know if they have brains.

      1. Takht-e Tavoos, an Iranian restaurant has kalleh pacheh (lamb's head) on their menu.

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          We tried Takht e Tavoos for brunch this morning. Very busy. We had to wait for a table. Thank you for the recommendation as my guest enjoyed the kalleh pacheh. Sadly they do not serve Turkish coffee on weekends as they get too busy. What a disappointment for my out of town guest.

        2. Buca has a dish with lamb brains on the menu.

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              Buca was a crowd pleaser on Friday night. Thanks for recommendation.

            2. Lahore tikka has Brain masala on weekends.

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                So, occasionally, does Iqbal in Thorncliffe Park