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Jul 11, 2013 04:35 AM

Any update on Toro opening? (Ken Oringer's Boston place)

Supposed to be opening soon but heard no update. Supposedly next to Del Posto.

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  1. My general rule is add about eight months to the initial projected opening date for most high-profile places. And then don't be surprised when you just stop hearing about them and they never actually open (i.e. Charlie Trotter NYC, Jose Andres Brooklyn, etc...)

    Also, there's another place called Toro (the lounge off of Plein Sud) within a short distance of their location, so the name might wind up being different.

    The same team already did open Willow Road, right next door to what will be the Toro space - it's run by one of Oringer's chefs from Clio. Haven't checked it out yet, could be worth a try.

    1. Where did you hear "soon"? I heard it was this fall. Which most likely means 2014.

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        It's been pushed a couple times. First I heard about it, it was late last year. Then it was this spring, then May or June... haven't heard word since. Now I guess it's this fall, according to that interview.