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Jul 11, 2013 04:27 AM

What's your favorite farm stand pie in Monmouth Co?

Since Butterfly Blue closed their farmstand in Long Branch next to the chicken farm a few years ago we have been on the search for fantastic homemade farm stand pies. I know everyone is partial to Delicious Orchards but the only pie I think worthy of any attention there is the Strawberry Rhubarb. Wemwrocks apple pie is pretty decent & Pete's farm stand in Wall sometimes makes the cut but it's hit or miss. Anyone have any good recommendations?!

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  1. Geez...! I wish I couldn't answer this. I have a sweet tooth, but really don't care for pies... except! Battleview Orchards Mixed Berry Pie.. oh my! Then last night I bought Peach Melba Pie for company. I had a hard time deciding that or the Pina Colada Pie... will just have to go back. As I said I really don't like pies.. but Battleview Orchards has my pie!

    1. Yes...I like the pies at Rifkin Farms in Millstone/Manalapan.

      I only get the pies with all the, cherry, blueberry. I am not even a pie person, but this pie for some reason is really great! So close to home, too. Only about 3 miles off of Rt. 33.

      The other place I really like the pies (I get so many questions where I bought them) is Emery's Farm in New Egypt. A little out of the way, but beautiful scenery and I love the farm stands you can hit up. We take my daughter here for pumpkin picking in fall. They have a great blueberry pie..even sell blueberries.

      The other block over from them is a great farm market. I buy potatoes, scallions, tomatoes, beets, cucumbers, melons, the place is great....the name escapes me.

      Hope this helps!!

      1. Smith's, New Bedford Rd in Wall

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          I've often been tempted by the pies at Smith's, but never purchased. I wonder, how is the crust? I'm picky about crust, and if I'm going to have the carbs, it should be good! And any favorite flavors I should try?