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Jul 11, 2013 04:09 AM

Solo, in its dairy incarnation (Manhattan)

Dinner at Solo last night. Gnocchi with truffles (truffles were an add-on). I only ordered the one dish as this was a quick meal between the working day and an evening obligation. My dinner companion had the tuna, which she said she enjoyed - but she not really into food. My gnocchi was unobjectionable but unexciting.

The menu is extensive, with pasta and fish. Wondering what others have thought about the food.

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  1. I've been meaning to check it out. What isn't clear to me is this--how closely affiliated is it with the Pizza da Solo takeout place? Is there any pizza on the menu? Or are they two completely separate entities?

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      They are in totally separate physical spaces. Like your house and the house next door.


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        In addition to what Adina says, Giulio Adriani is the head chef for both Solo and Pizza da Solo. No pizza on the menu at Solo.

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          Makes sense. So, is it good? Worth the (IMO) steep prices?

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            I've eaten there exactly once. Noi Dui has better prices and Va Bene has better service and is quieter, a nicer place to have a meal in. My one meal was nothing to write home about and was overpriced.

      2. Did this totally replace the meat Solo? Or is that still around as well?

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          The Prime group of restaurants just opened a palatial new Prime Grill a couple of blocks away, closing the old Prime Grill and switching Solo to milchigs.

          I believe that the building and atrium where Solo is located it slated for a major renovation, not sure about timing of that but my understanding is that both Solo and Pizza Solo will have to close when that renovation happens.

        2. I've been to the new Solo twice - once for a lunch with some friends, once for a longer dinner with the husband. Lunch we shared a few different meals - fried pizzas, eggplant parm, penne a la vodka. we really enjoyed all of the dishes (I was actually surprised that I enjoyed them as much as I did - I'm much more of a meat eater). The salad-eaters among us were happy with the salads as well. When I went for dinner I had the grilled salmon, which I really enjoyed. Hubby had the gnocchi and the bronzino special - and he was really happy with both. We shared the tiramisu for dessert - it was a perfect ending to a delicious meal.

          1. Planning to go tonight. Considering ordering 3 appetizers in place of an entree. Everything looks later!

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              Went with my husband and another couple. When Solo was fleishig, the restaurant seemed quiet and refined. Last night it was quite loud and raucous. It took a few minutes for someone to greet us at the door. We were quickly seated, handed menus and had specials explained...we ordered pretty quickly. And then it started...chumus (delish) on the table, but no bread for about 15 minutes. Water...did they run out? We kept having to ask for refills. One appetizer (fettucine alla salmon, an entree we all shared) arrived first, then the other 2 large appetizers (tuna tartare and eggplant parmagiana). Table quickly bussed...and then we waited...and waited. Three entrees arrived - chilean sea bass, black bass and dover sole - and the 4th had to be "requested." ALL WERE DELICIOUS! I was the last to finish, and we had to ask the server bringing us the dessert menus to clear my plate. We ordered 4 desserts and 2 lattes. Again, all yummy. But the service was really unacceptable. It seemed they were short-staffed or just plain disorganized. I would imagine they realized there'd be a big crowd on Sunday of the 9days. Many tables took forever to be bussed, and then the crowds gathered at the entrance.