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Jul 11, 2013 01:49 AM

members' favorite beverages in hawaii

I know nothing about wine, but some of you are serious about it.

my question for you is what do you drink (with food) when you are not drinking wine? if cocktails/beer, which ones, and also what are your go to non alcoholic drinks?

for those who don't drink booze, what do you choose?

for both, are there any specific to Hawaii drinks you enjoy?

i'm not too picky about beer, miller lite being the standard, I guess. it's a simple domestic beer that you can find anywhere. I like sam adam's, but not the boston lager (tastes like straight flowers). I enjoy beer with most foods, but hardly drink anymore.

when I have pizza, I must have either beer or coca cola. with a BLT I crave Newcastle. poke requires beer, not really picky about what type, but as mentioned in another thread, Hawaiians like da green bottles (almost ALL the bottled heinekin I have had in Hawaii is skunkified, so I never drink it here).

for cocktails I like vodka martinis and vodka tonics before a meal.

after a meal, black coffee, maybe hot tea if the meal was especially greasy. after Korean food, I like cold persimmon/cinnamon punch as dessert. indian food calls for watermelon juice.

I don't usually drink any Hawaii-specific beverages, although I like POG (passion orange guava) and the orange bang from zippy's. I like aloha maid drinks once in a blue moon, but they are quite sweet. I think aloha maid is owned by ito-en, a company with Hawaiian ties, and I have at least one of their plain green teas a day, with or as breakfast. you can get many ito-en drinks on the mainland, though, they have a corporate location in Brooklyn, ny, . I used to also drink their mini cans of black coffee, which I have only found at don quijote.

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  1. you just reminded me about the green bottles thing
    this pic is of costco the weekend before the 4th of july

    in answer to your question
    heineken light
    diet pepsi (DP)
    water (watah)

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    1. re: macsak

      that's what Costco's stack of green tea cases looks like after I hit them.

      I also forgot water. I drink a lot of it. I have a mini fridge in my room with ten bottles of water which I am constantly refilling.

    2. basically i just drink water, but if I feel like an alcoholic beverage then I drink sake. also like that barley tea you get at korean restaurants.

      1. Just returned from a trip to Kauai and Oahu and drank a good bit of Longboard lager by Kona, from the Big Island. I'd classify it as a better than average beach beer. Light enough to drink in the sun, but with more character than your standard pilseners. There are also several other local breweries, particularly one from Maui, that are recommended.
        You've got to try at least one mai tai, particularly if you go to the "Tahiti Nui bar in Hanalei, Kauai.
        Also, I've never been much on rum, but Koloa Rum from Kauai has made a believer out of me. If nothing else, try the spiced rum, straight, or on the rocks. Tastes like caramel. Very smooth. Aloha!

        1. Maybe not my favorites, but things you don't see much other places:

          Hawaiian Sun or Aloha Maid Juices: The popular flavors include Passion-Orange, Pineapple, Guava Nectar, Fruit Punch, Orange-Pineapple, and of course the famed "POG" (passion-orange-guava.) These are the genesis of that mainland staple of kids drinks "Hawaiian Punch"

          I can't believe the number of 'sterotypes' that are included in that commercial, but boy did we think they were funny when we were kids (and I grew up on the mainland.)
          You gotta read the can before you decide you are giving your kids something healthy. There is some natural juice in there, but there is also more sugar than in a coca-cola. Still a lunchwagon plate lunch isn't the same without a can of one of these - and don't forget, unlike soda/soft drinks you want to be sure to SHAKE WELL before serving.

          Coconut Water FROM a Coconut: I've tried a few of the pre-packaged coconut waters and think all of them have an odd sort of 'processed' taste. But stopping by the side of the road at one of those tourist stops and getting a fresh coconut opened for you, this stuff does taste good and refreshing, even when it isn't ice cold.

          Fresh Ginger Ale: If you have only had the bottled stuff from Canada Dry or Schwepps, you haven't had the real thing. There are plenty of recipes on line and its not that difficult, but I find the Ginger Ale drinks from Pacifkool at the farmers markets to be almost as good as home made. I have not tried buying the syrup and making it at home.

          Fresh Guava Nectar: Of the canned juices this has never been my favorite, BUT there was a couple i knew who had several guava trees in their back yard and they would squeeze the fruit and make juice/nectar from it. Wow, what a difference. I have no idea if anyplace here sells fresh squeezed guava, but its a whole different experience. There's a business idea for somebody.

          Green River: Everything I read on line says that this is supposed to be a carbonated beverage, but in a lot of the old time Hawaii places there was a bubbler machine with one vat of fruit punch and one vat of green river on it. Never carbonated. I think you can still get hawaiian kine Green River at St. Louis Drive in, W&M Burgers, He'eia Pier and a few other places. And yes, it turns you tongue green.

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          1. re: KaimukiMan

            We drank Green River on the mainland, one of my favorite things, my mom even drank it when she was younger. My favorite beverage is our luscious Oahu water, our water quality is very excellent and is delicious! One of my other favorite things are the Refreshe' flavored electrolyte waters which you can get on the mainland at their sister stores (Safeway). I like the local beers and Ocean vodka from time to time. I drink lots of coffee and enjoy both Maui, Big Island and the Koko Crater roasted coffees here. You should also try the AKL Lavender tea it is most aromatic and a great way to take 5 and relax. My friend is the PacificKool person and she works so hard, love her syrup for drinks and cooking and over fruit.

            1. re: manomin

              you know, I did try green river somewhere,not sure where. as I recall, it was ok.

              I don't like lavender in foods, have had lavender chocolate before, not a fan.

              1. re: manomin


                When you drank Green River on the mainland was it carbonated?

                1. re: KaimukiMan

                  No, I don't remember carbonation. I just remember deliciousness!

              2. re: KaimukiMan

                Aloha K Man..
                DH says the same thing about coconut water that it has a processed taste to it but when in Tahiti or the Aloha islands, drinking straight from the source, a thing of beauty.
                POG and Hinano's and Heine's are our choices.

              3. Well, mine is not an Hawaiian beverage, but I will throw it out anyway.

                We love Kahuku Sweet Corn, and with a Kahuku Sweet Corn Chowder, I find that a Chassagne, or Puligny Montrachet, with a few years on it, pairs beautifully. Whenever I see a local Corn Chowder, I start searching the wine list for a big, but food-friendly Chardonnay.


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                1. re: Bill Hunt

                  Only Hunt would think corn chowder and Puligny Montrachet..
                  You are da man!

                  1. re: Beach Chick

                    Hey, when a pairing works, I am all for it!