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Jul 10, 2013 11:17 PM

South Slope Brooklyn - New restaurants - Any report?

In Park Slope - South Slope: Mariella just opened up on 6th ave and 12th. Mezini on 5th ave and 11th, I think. Mezini looks a bit expensive so I'm mostly just curious. But Mariella is a little cheaper and the menu looks good...

Anyone tried either of these places?

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  1. Ate at Mariella this evening. Really Great Food and that's coming from two people who can be super critical. Can't say enough. Loved our meal. Yummy cheesecake too. Beer & wine coming soon. Patrick, the owner, said hopefully next week. He added that the wines will be reasonably priced at $28/ bottle. This place has the potential to become a huge hit! Highly Recommend.

    1. We just moved to the neighborhood this week so tried Mariella a couple of days ago. We really liked it. We shared a salad, pasta, entree and dessert (and a single glass of wine too, we are dorks) and it was all great, the desserts in particular. But the pasta was pretty perfect and so were the veggies on the entree which was a sauteed fish. I'm psyched to take my parents there as they will be happy with the $30 wines. Anyway, I was surprised at how good it was. With so many awesome options in the neighborhood I could see how this one would be overlooked but it's definitely worth going.

      1. Good but I prefer Piccoli down the block for Italian food. But Mariella had the best fries I've had in this vicinity.