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Jul 10, 2013 09:24 PM

ISO Whistler recs that accommodate dietary restrictions

We will be up there in a couple of weeks with a friend who has fairly stringent dietary restrictions: no spices (at all), no tomatoes, no citrus -- pretty much nothing that may cause acidity. She'll probably do fine with a steakhouse-type place but I was wondering if there were any chow-worthy spots that would accommodate her diet but still have decent options for the rest of us. Any suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner would be very welcome. Thanks!

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  1. i wonder if you contact the hotel where you're staying - with advance notice their restaurant might have some solutions for you - I know from personal experience that Fairmont is very accommodating (in whistler, that's the chateau whistler - the main dining room is not inexpensive but it has pretty garden/forest views out large windows)

    this link includes menus and other details

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    1. re: Georgia Strait

      Thanks for the suggestion, the website looks great.

    2. All I can say is that communication is king.

      May be better to just look up places that fit your culinary interest ... and then communicate your requirements and you'll find out how willing or able they are in fulfilling them.

      Perhaps restaurant establishments that share space with hotels will be "more accommodating" to special requests because it's right up their alley to do so.

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        Yes, I was just being lazy and trying to avoid my fingers having to do too much walking. Hotel restaurants are a good idea, thanks for the suggestion.

      2. Hello A La Carte - remember to let us know on this thread how it all works out.

        I think many of us are facing these culinary conundrums these days - some medical, some lifestyle etc

        i mean, i had dinner party the other day for just 6 of us - i try to serve local, in season - and 2 guests don't eat certain animal proteins (ie one no wings on their meat - the other no fins or other swimming apparatus) --- and then another will not eat a certain local veg

        and then we remember the cilantro cuz isn't that cumin? (severe allergy so i have to pay attn to that)


        geez, it would be easier to drive thru A and W~
        no, i wouldn't

        just interested in your follow-ups
        thank you!

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          Just FYI, cilantro is actually fresh coriander not cumin. I don't think cilantro and cumin are related at all.

          1. re: Georgia Strait

            Sure thing, I will post. I've learned through hard experience here in Vancouver that some places are very understanding of dietary requirements, some do so grudgingly and a (thankfully) few are stunningly reluctant to make any accommodation at all. I need to start doing some research for Whistler as I don't want my guests to have the experience I once had here: one bowl of (very expensive) white rice for the whole meal since everything on the menu was problematic.

          2. ps - in case you need to cook for your guest(s) at home - we had this interesting discussion last Dec

            i realize it's more about gluten and dairy etc -