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Jul 10, 2013 09:21 PM

Karl's Sausage Kitchen... Still got it's groove?

Greetings all - Have only been to the new store once, and found it good but perhaps lacking some of the character of the old joint in Saugus.
Thoughts on offerings at the new place?
Quality still there? Bacon in particular, but wondering about pork chops and other porcine delights.
An old Chowhound favorite, not mentioned much around here any more.



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  1. I have been several times, most recently 2 weeks ago. The sausages (weisswurst, knockwurst, bauernwurst, rostbratwurst) and bacon are as stellar as ever.

    1. The new store doesn't have the "Swiss cottage" feel of the old one, but I'm happy to trade that for the ability to move around and shop for a wider selection!

      The meats are just as great as always. I haven't tried their new deli, so I can't comment on that.

      1. The sausages, bacon, pork chops, &c are of the same high quality as ever. They have more space and have expanded some of their offerings as well as opened cafe service. Like Boston-otter, I haven't eaten at the cafe, so can't vouch for it, but little has changed in terms of the meat offerings.

        The new space is big and comfortable -- I just wish the location were as convenient for me as the old one was.

        1. Haven't been to the new store yet. It's just too far from my regular stomping grounds for me to make a special trip. Having said that, I know I will miss the ambiance of the old place... the crowding inside, the small parking lot, the thrill of getting on and off route 1, they all somehow contributed to the experience.

          Now just look what you've done. I want some knockwurst... and some bacon... and some weisswurst... OMG.

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          1. re: PinchOfSalt

            you'll hate yourself if you don't go soon! :)

          2. Like others, I've been there several times, and can concur that if anything the move was an upgrade. Everything is the same as before, quality-wise, but now there's more of it. And more room to breathe.

            Only complaint is the parking lot, which is tiny. There is a HUGE and seemingly always empty lot next door with signs saying not to park there. WTF?

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            1. re: davis_sq_pro

              I'll definitely second the parking lot complaint. Their restaurant has ample seating, the new location has wide aisles and a spacious meat counter... and, what, about four parking spaces, it seems like?