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Jul 10, 2013 07:31 PM

Visiting Venice, Chianti Area and Florence Aug 24 to Sept 1st, will post for each individually, need your help.

For now it's Venice,

Sat the 24th, getting in late, would a booking for Antice Carapane 9:30pm be ok seeing they close at 11.

Sunday the 25th, thinking of Lanice Sellatto, at the same time thinking of taking in a 8pm show at Musica A Palazzo, any good recomendations for dinner in that area before or after the 1 1/2 hour show.

Mon the 26th, thinking Osteria Da Alberto

We are staying at the Hotel Ai Reali, any not to miss panini or cicchetti / wine bars, coffee shops.

Your thoughts as always, greatly appriciated.
Thank you,

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  1. 9:30 pm dinner on Saturday evening in late August for Antiche Carampane should be fine. It will still be bustling. If you have not been to Venice before, leave a little extra time to find it because it is tuck away in a maze. The easiest from your hotel is to go past the Rialto market toward Santa Croce and in 5 minutes find Calle de Botteri (a 'main straight calle', rare for Venice) make a left (opposite from the Grand Canal) walk to almost end end of the calle, then a short right turn (the calle dead ends right after). Antiche should be right there.
    As for 9:30pm Sunday at Anice Stellato, if your performance ends at 9:30 and the performance Palazzo is near Giglio, it is a long walk to the trattoria, at least half an hour of brisk walking. Vaporetto will not help much. Sunday night tend to be much quieter.
    Da Alberto is popular, lively, moderately priced with solid traditional Venetian cooking.
    The two best area for cicchetti are around the Strada Nuova in Cannairegio: ai Promessi Sposi, La Cantina, La Bomba, Alla Vedova. La Cantina Carbonera Vecia. Around the Rialto Market: All'Arco, do Mori, Al Merca, Bancogiro, Do Spade, Antico Dolo (back bar), ai Storti, L'Acquasante, Al Sacro e Profano. These are some of the most atmospheric bacari in Venice. Best around lunch and late afternoon. The Pescheria is closed Sunday and Mondays, the Produce vendors Sundays and many Mondays also. So are the many shops around it. Nearer to your hotel, off Campo Santo Stefano, is the bacaro of Trattoria da Fiore; down the block is Le Botteghe
    Panini are everywhere and difficult to distinguish one from another, therefore, there is no such thing as "not to be miss". Some of the best sandwiches and wines are Al Bottegon gia Schiavi in Dorsoduro. Good cicchetti and wines at the nearby ai Vini Padovani. Interesting wines at Cavatappi, one of the few decent enoteca around San Marco. Also the front bar at the excellent Osteria San Marco.
    Keep in mind, many bacari are usually close on Sundays.
    Coffee shops around your hotel: Marchin Timei (stand up only), Rosa Salva, Caffe del Doge (decent coffee, nice atmosphere, so so pastry; better coffee in the San Polo outpost), Ballarin. Further away and worth seeking out are: Tonolo, Pasticceria Rio Marin, Didovich.

    1. Second vote for All'Arco and Al Bottegon gia Schiavi. Be sure to have the moeche at Antiche if they have them.

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        Sadly, moeche won't be in season during the OP's visit. The two seasons are Spring (around April) and Fall (late Sept/Oct).

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          True PBSF - I missed that the OP will be there in late August, not September.

      2. Thank you Chow's... Given where our show is on Sunday the 25th, I've researched Osteria - Enoteca Ai Artisti for dinner... Any feedback on this place..... Thank you

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          We've only had coffee, wine and snack at ai Artisti because it is on a busy thoroughfare in our of our favorite neighborhood. Have never eaten dinner there. Sorry not much help.