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Jul 10, 2013 07:26 PM

Has anyone ever eaten at the San Antonio Winery in DTLA ?


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    1. Yes. Fun atmosphere, huge, average wines, rather expensive for the quality of food. You stand in a very long line and grab a tray. There are dishes out on a table for you to choose from. You tell the people across the cafeteria-like counter what you want and move down the cafeteria line and grab whatever sides catch your fancy. We go there about once a quarter because our boss likes it and pays for our meals.

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      1. re: granadafan

        In other words, it's gussied up Clifton's Cafeteria food served in a tourist trap cum wine cellar?

        1. re: ipsedixit

          sounds dreadful.

          no wonder why i missed it these past few years.

      2. Went there maybe 8 or so yrs ago for a large group event. It wasn't *horrible*, but I was totally unimpressed....

        1. The food isn't bad, I just can't imagine going there for any other reason but to try it once, or just for something to do with an out-of-town guest. Culinary experience is that of a generic "American" restaurant at a large hotel. Not sure I'd call it a tourist destination - more like Philippe's in that it's a cross-section of who's working in or passing through DTLA. I was actually surprised that it didn't take longer to get in and out, but it's definitely not a quick lunch. Wouldn't take a group or anyone you're trying to impress. It's a winery sort of like Hutch's is a bbq - adjust your expectations and it'll be fine.