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Jul 10, 2013 07:15 PM

Vegan Options in Minneapolis

Any ideas on restaurants in Minneapolis that will cater to a vegan diner? My husband and I are having dinner with his boss (a vegan) next week and we'd like him to have a great meal. He's already been to Solera a couple times and they did a nice job accommodating him. Any other ideas? TIA

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  1. I have not asked about vegan at Saffron, but they are very good for vegetarians (and a decent fraction of the veggie dishes do not obviously contain animal products). I would certainly recommend calling before going, but that might be one option.

    Another idea would be Barbette - there current menu looks like it would have at least a few vegan options.

    1. Ecopolitan. Almost any Indian restaurant (Gandhi Mahal, Namaste Café [ok, kind of Indian]).

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        A couple of caveats. I've only eaten at Ecopolitan once. And I'm not vegan - or even vegetarian.

        But Ecopolitan is not a take-your-boss-out-for-a-great-meal kind of place. While it's interesting and certainly healthy, I wouldn't rank the food as amazing. Nor is the space much to write home about.

        ETA: I might check out the new Bluestem Bar and Table at 26th and Lyndale. The pictures I've seen make it look quite lovely. Their online menu has several vegan choices and French Meadow is generally pretty vegan-friendly.

        1. re: bob s

          I agree with what you said about Ecopolitan. It's quirky - not a great place to impress a boss.

          There are no vegan mains listed for dinner at Bluestem's online menu. I'd call first.

          Midori's has a few options. Tanpopo, maybe?

      2. Thanks for your replies. We couldn't get into Saffron, but learned Restaurant Alma had a vegan option so we had dinner there tonight. Our vegan diner was very pleased with his meal as were we (I had the hake and it was spectacular).