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Jul 10, 2013 06:58 PM

when is Ivan Ramen opening on Clinton Street?

does anyone know the opening date? and if they will take reservations for larger groups? a phone number would be great. thanks!

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    1. totally unrelated, but Ippudo supposedly opened in Hell's Kitchen - 51st bet. 8th & 9th.

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        1. re: coasts

          In soft open right now for lunch and dinner, closed tomorrow (Friday), grand opening Saturday

          1. re: Spiritchaser

            I went by at 3:30 this afternoon. Windows papered over, door locked.

            Edited to add that I just realized you are referring to Ippudo. Never mind! Angry that I went out of my way in the heat. Tried to comfort myself with an arepa from a new place on Delancey, and it was not very good. Having a sucky day, generally.

            1. re: small h

              Oh no, I hope it wasn't my post that caused you to make the trip, I'd feel horrible.

              1. re: Spiritchaser

                Your post was absolutely not at fault. I failed to notice that you were replying to coasts, not to the OP, which is 100% on me. And I live on the LES, so it was just a few blocks on foot, not a whole subway ride or anything. Don't feel bad!

                I'm trying to come up with a word for ramen excitement, but ramania is weak, and ramenophilia sounds creepy. It's a shame Ivan isn't opening a Vietnamese place, because then I could try to work pho-blind into conversation.

        2. I feel like Basanova will be open before Ivan

          1. I spoke to whoever was on Ivan Ramen's Facebook account yesterday. He or she said: "late summer! but we are doing some cool events leading up to the big opening! looking like the end of August!"

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            1. re: silencespeak

              thanks! was hoping for late July but i guess it wasn't meant to be